N America News May 2017

NORTHAMERICANEWS / MAY 2017 95 , RetirePC is a North Texas-based company aiming to reduce global waste through the responsible recycling and electronic asset management. Retirement Plans – Even Your PC Should Have One RetirePC was founded in 1994 and is taking on the world of electronic recycling one PC at a time. With services including physical electronic disposal, stripping and recycling, alongside data disposal and the safe destruction of sensitive information using methods which are compliant with HIPPA guidelines. From beginning to end, RetirePC aim to support corporations and provide documentation to prove that assets are being disposed of and managed in the most responsible manner possible, to this end the company includes asset management, logistic assistance, disposal and auditing services in their repertoire, providing companies across corporate America with a complete package for safe electronic and data disposal. The recycling process is offered under a ‘turnkey’ promise – meaning that the entire process is taken care of via one point of contact. This is a great business model to offer to corporations, who otherwise may not have the time or resources to ensure that their electronic recycling needs are met in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly and responsible manner. RetirePC is EPA registered and R2 certified, offering clients peace of mind that they have everything under control when it comes to asset management, data destruction and electronic recycling. Given the recent rise in world- wide hacks and major computer virus outbreaks, safe data destruction and management needs to be a focus for companies in all states – businesses are not just handling data which can be used against the company itself, they must also consider the client, customer, partner and supplier information held in their systems, which can be used maliciously to target individuals and other corporations for malicious activities. This is an issue which should be dealt with at all levels of the IT industry, but is especially important for businesses which are not focused on the information technology sector, and who may not have the protections and resources available to ICT experts. To tackle the gap in IT security, RetirePC offer a complete service from logistics to safe data destruction, ending with the recycling of the physical components and an audit report to show the client exactly what has happened and how their assets have been handled and destroyed in a responsible, legal and secure manner. Company: RetirePC Name: Scott Hengem Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.retirepc.com Address: 1201 Exchange Drive Richardson, Texas 75081 Telephone: 001-214-228-3864 Cell NAE17048

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