N America News May 2017

38 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , PragmaticMarketing provides practical, actionable training. The Firmhas recently received Corporate America’s ‘Training Best Practices and Organizational Success’. We interviewed SarahMitchell, Marketing Project Manager, to learn howPragmatic’s Training Best Practices positively impact customers’ businesses. A Pragmatic Approach Courses “We are very honoured to have received this Training Best Practices and Organizational Success’ award” Sarah explains Pragmatic Marketing’s product and strategic marketing courses are designed to help customers develop the products your clients want and effective marketing strategies to reach them. The entire curriculum is based around our Pragmatic Marketing Framework , a proven, actionable blueprint that’s underpinned companies’ success for more than 20 years. All of our courses provide real- world insights, actionable best practices and proven tools to maximize results. Our flexible curriculum enables customers to select the most relevant courses for them and to develop their skill set as and when they need to over time. • Foundations: Principles of Pragmatic Marketing Course: This one-day training course for your entire organization serves as a prerequisite for all the other courses. The course emphasizes the necessity of understanding your market and using that context to guide decisions, prioritize projects and drive results. Attendees leave with an improved ability to balance strategic and tactical tasks better. They also develop a common language and a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities to align teams, along with practical techniques that allow you to identify the entire market, listen to it and plan marketing strategies that minimize risks and optimize results. • Focus: Strategic Product Planning Course: This course focuses on different aspects of product strategy. Key components include learning how to use market data to identify and evaluate different product opportunities. The course also teaches how to develop the right product marketing strategies. Attendees learn how to spot where your company’s strengths intersect with what the market values, how to build viable business plans that demonstrate a sizable, potentially profitable market exists and to tailor your marketing accordingly to different audiences. • Build: Create Remarkable Products Course: Having a plan is not the same as having a product. Build teaches you to prioritize requirements and plan releases based on market facts. It shows how to provide an understanding of who the users are and what they’re trying to accomplish, so that product and development teams deliver products that win in the market Improve the handoff between departments . Clarify the lines so product management can focus on what needs to be built and development can focus on how to build it. Build targeted solutions . Use context from the market—who you’re building for and what problems you’re solving—to create innovative products. Prioritize based on impact . Focus on the products and features that will have the biggest impact in the market by ranking requirements objectively using market data. Implement a universal approach . Use a consistent approach for all of your teams, regardless of location or methodology (Waterfall, Agile, hybrid, etc.). • Market: Resonate with Buyers Course: Marketing is not a collection of tactics; it is a strategic role that directly influences revenue growth, customer retention and awareness. Market teaches you how to build buyer expertise and use that information to create marketing plans that get results. It shows you how to align your marketing strategy with the goals of your whole organization and effectively measure and report the impact of your programs on the bottom line. Prioritize based on impact . Gain a thorough understanding of your buyers and how they like to buy to identify and prioritize the right strategies. Build credibility . Gain approval and funding for your marketing plans by showing how they align the goals of the company with the buying process of the market. Measure results . Demonstrate the effect your marketing plans are having by connecting them to the metrics that matter most. Who is this course for? Individuals responsible for go-to-market strategies. (If you are responsible for—or contribute to—marketing plans, this definitely means you.) What are the prerequisites for Market? Foundations is a prerequisite for this course. • Executive Briefing course: Being market-driven isn’t just a product strategy; it is a corporate strategy. This interactive, half-day workshop provides executive teams with an understanding of what it means to be tuned in to the market and why companies that are tuned in are 30 percent more profitable. Implement Real Change . We don’t just tell you that being market-focused is important. We provide a clear, proven blueprint to get there, the Pragmatic Marketing Framework, as well as real-world examples of how it has been implemented successfully. Increase Your Impact in the Market . Companies are constantly balancing the need to improve today’s product offerings with the need to create the product of the future. Knowing how and where to focus resources for maximum return is critical. Stop the Finger Pointing. Learn how to get the entire team on the same page, and clearly define roles and responsibilities to eliminate infighting and improve efficiencies. Who is this workshop for? Executive and leadership teams. What is the price? Executive Briefing is held onsite only. Contact our sales team for pricing and availability. 1611CA05

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