N America News May 2017

NORTHAMERICANEWS / MAY 2017 119 , Texas-based corporate ‘lawyer, husband, father and Patriots fan’, Brett Cenkus, brings personality, honesty and a breath of fresh air to the world of business legality. Brett was named as 2016’s Leading Legal Professionals earlier this year by North America News. A Businessman Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body Cenkus Law founder and all-round personality, Brett Cenkus, is possibly the most open and honest lawyer on the internet. With a self-depreciating sense of humor, a blog detailing his ‘war stories’ and a transparency surrounding his personal history and experience that is uncommon these days, Brett is bringing a refreshing hit of personality back into the world of business law. From attending law school, and realizing that litigation was not the career path for him, Brett turned toward corporate law and has built a reputation as a straight-talking, sharp-minded business lawyer with his client’s best interest at heart. Cenkus Law works to empower growing companies to work through the complex challenges that arise when business meets law. The firm promises to be unlike any business law professionals clients have worked with previously, by combining an entrepreneurial spirit with a reasoned, sharp legal mind. Cenkus Law works with clients to discover the passions, values and culture of the company, before determining and strategizing methods and routes which sit in-line with those values. A flat-rate billing system allows Cenkus Law to operate transparently, without piling additional stress onto the shoulders of business owners who may be struggling financially as it is. This lets clients determine their own parameters, then work together with Cenkus Law to find the best possible solutions for their issues. Cenkus Law understand that business law can be a confusing and harmful area for small and medium business owners with little legal knowledge and understanding. This is an issue which is magnified by most legal areas being ‘gray’ rather than clearly black or white – it is with this in mind, that Cenkus Law try to simplify and smooth out the legal processes for business, no matter the issue they are facing. As well as running him successful law firm, Brett makes a point on his website of stating that he is a man of many hats – a husband, father, patriots fan, entrepreneur, speaker, investor and coach – and by combining the experiences of those, he has made his name in business law as an honest, open and personable lawyer. Company: Cenkus Law Name: Brett Cenkus Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.businessattorneyinaustin.com Address: 7500 Rialto Boulevard, Building One, Suite 250 , Austin, TX, 78735 Telephone: +1 512 888 9860 1609DP01

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