N America News May 2017

118 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , SMART temps are working to protect temperature-sensitive assets in healthcare, research and life science industries across America. We profiled their work following their success in winning the Best TemperatureManagement Systems Provider award. Keeping Things Cool in the Healthcare Industry Starting their journey in the food industry, SMART Temps have been developing temperature control systems for companies handling temperature-affected goods and materials for over 50 years. Building on their experience and knowledge of building bespoke temperature control solutions, SMART Temps have moved into the healthcare industry, supplying temperature monitoring and control systems to companies handling research, blood, samples, materials and chemicals which need to be stored at specific temperatures for an optimum lifespan and to keep them from spoiling. SMART Temp systems can now be found in over 14,000 properties and they are responsible for maintaining the integrity of resources for many integral parts of the food, healthcare and research sectors. The SMART Temps systems began as a solution for the school nutrition industry, aimed at providing temperature control for food, equipment and temperature-sensitive assets which were costing governments, schools and independent agencies time and money in wasted and spoiled resources. Using this experience, Smart Temps built their product and service portfolio to include a variety of options and strategies for different uses and temperature control needs. This has resulted in the design of a range of sensors, gateways and management solutions, which can be put together in many formations to create custom-built temperature control systems for all situations. The latest innovation added to SMART Temps’ repertoire is the integration of custom apps, which collect, reports and analyse temperature, humidity and can even instruct personal on the optimum times to remove food and resources from their temperature controlled states to be used in meals or healthcare provisions. The Wireless HACCP thermocouple is a mobile application, partnered with an external thermometer. Together they monitor the temperature of food, and can store up to 1,000 menu items. These menu items are held so that the app can monitor food preparation, HACCP compliance and eliminate the heaps of daily paper-based logs needed to prove such compliance. Now the data is stored on the app and can be downloaded in report form as it is needed. SMART Temps apps allow users to monitor and control the environmental temperatures of areas remotely and alerts users when temperatures fall or rise outside of the optimum levels, allowing users to take remedial action quickly and avoid wasting resources or energy needlessly. The company offer to oversee all maintenance and handling of the installation of a SMART Temps system and applications. Their website claims that the system can be used through an existing network, or it can be assigned a dedicated line. This is great for companies who are not IT-focused, or who do not have the resources to maintain a dedicated network line for the system, as SMART Temps are on-hand to assist with any issues or connectivity issues clients may experience. The best benefit of SMART Temps systems is the ability to save money and time in the long-run. With so many resources wasted due to being stored in unpredictable environments or areas prone to unreliable temperature exposure, companies can save resources and avoid unnecessary re- purchasing or waste, which is better for the bottom line overall. Company: SMART Temps LLC Name: Mike McKay Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.smart-temps.com Address: 435 Park Place Cir, Ste 100, Mishawaka, Indiana, 46545 Telephone: 001 574 532 0257 ST160042

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