N America News May 2017

112 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , Advantage Inspection, North Carolina, is a successful Advantage Home Inspection Franchisee, which has seen exponential growth and success since its opening in 2006. Home Inspection Company Have the Advantage in North Carolina The Advantage Home Inspections name is well-known throughout both North and South Carolina., but for North Carolina’s Raleigh office, the success and branding has become a phenomenon. Through secure online reporting, Advantage Inspections have managed to establish their name as the pinnacle of real estate inspection providers. Owner, Dave park, attributes the success of the company to his extensive building and contracting experience. Since leaving the university of Florida with a degree in Construction Management and Architecture, he has worked in the construction industry for over 35 years and has been responsible for designing, building, constructing, developing and inspecting more than 1,600 properties. A business mogul, as well as a construction expert, Dave owns three companies; Advantage Inspections, Williams & park and Revere Construction Management. He also uses his extensive knowledge, skills and experience to deliver seminars covering all aspects of the construction and property management industry. He is currently working on writing the “Dave the Inspector” series, the latest installation of which is titled “Business in the crawl Space” and is due to be released soon. With so many projects on the go simultaneously, it would be easy to assume that Dave leaves all the inspecting work to his staff, but it is in the companies he owns, that he displays the knowledge and skills he has earned over the years. Dave hold a vast range of licenses to support his career and expertise, including; a contractor’s license in Florida and North Carolina, a North Carolina Home Inspectors license, and a North Carolina Real Estate License. The company’s success is in large part due to Dave’s commitment to the industry and willingness to pass on his knowledge to his staff and clients. But the company has inherited some of its recognition through the franchising network. Inspections are performed in a thorough and comprehensive manner, complete residential or commercial property evaluations are most commonly used during the purchasing due diligence period of a real estate transaction. Evaluations are performed in a manner that provide an opportunity for the buyer to become more informed about the property as well as learn about any current or possible future liabilities that are present. The ‘no denied claims’ policy means that claims will not be disputed if they arise from a pre-existing issue which has not been documented during the initial inspection – which offers a safety net for first-time users of the service. The Advantage Inspection System is renowned and used by the top property inspectors throughout the country. It incorporates all aspects of property inspections, takes client needs into consideration and is designed to eliminate the usual property inspection obstacle’s and difficulties which can be off-putting to people outside of the property market, or those with property to sell, who deem it to be too difficult. For those customer, Advantage inspections takes out the hard work and makes the inspection process simple. As a whole company, Advantage Inspections has seven offices throughout North and South Carolina, each offering similar services and guarantees. The main Advantage Inspections selling points are he ‘no denied claims’ home warranty and the Advantage Inspection System, which offer peace of mind during the buying and selling of property through coverage of the primary structure, major systems and appliances. Company: Advantage Inspection Name: Dave Park Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.adrdu.com Address: 4020 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27609 Telephone: 001 919 850 2526 1702CA92

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