N America News May 2017

NORTHAMERICANEWS / MAY 2017 111 , HowBridgeStreet Global Hospitality are disrupting the hospitality industry with a range of serviced apartments to suit all lifestyles and budgets. The firm’s President and CEO SeanWorker, recently was selected as part of the CEO 100 awards, as an exclusive winner fromVirginia. Home Sweet Home Based in Virginia, BridgeStreet Global Hospitality are shaking up the industry with their serviced apartments, designed to suit all needs and lifestyles. From short weekend stays, to long-term, temporary living arrangements, these fully-serviced apartments have something for everyone and are in central locations across the world’s most exciting and enticing capital cities. Founded in 1996, and with over 60,000 properties spread across 60 countries, BridgeStreet have built a unique hospitality company with a property management twist. The company offers seven ‘brands’ of property, to ensure that every type of customer, lifestyle and budget is met with exceptionally good products, on-site servicing and facilities. From the low-budget Places brand, offering no-frills convenience at affordable prices, to the Exclusive brand, with VIP servicing and exclusive locations aimed at high-flying clients. With all properties fully furnished, serviced and decorated to a high standard, customers do not lose out by opting for a more affordable property. This company keeps everything to a high standard, so whether it’s a celebrity booking one of the exquisite six-star residences, or a student snapping up a self- sufficient apartment close to their new campus, expectations are guaranteed to be not only met, but exceeded throughout. The latest addition to BridgeStreet’s portfolio are the Studyo and Link brands, student accommodation featuring top-quality amenities, facilities and the choice of sharing or living independently. With the number of students applying for and attending universities and colleges increasing around the world, this is a smart move on the company’s behalf. In a recent interview, President and CEO Sean Worker disclosed the secret of BridgeStreet’s success, discussing how, when the company receives an overwhelming number of requests for property in areas not covered by BridgeStreet, the company responds by sourcing and finding properties to list. Sean also notes that his relationship with his teammates is an important factor in the evolution of the company. Choosing to refer to his employees as teammates is an interesting first step, but he also holds 20-minute ‘speed chats’ each week to discuss issues, potential solutions and his teammate’s ideas for improving the company overall. But BridgeStreet’s most valuable unique selling point is not the high-quality fittings, the value for money or the exclusive and central locations; it’s the experience they offer. With a ‘home away from home’ vibe designed to suit modern lifestyles. Their clients don’t feel like they’re staying in a hotel or temporary apartment. BridgeStreet truly make their properties feel like homes. BridgeStreet offer so many apartments in so many locations through a partnership program. Many of the properties on their newly refurbished website are owned and operated by partnering companies, who have chosen to work collaboratively with BridgeStreet Global Hospitality due to their massive presence and influence in the hospitality sector. One such partnering company is Onefinestay’s, whose partnership with BridgeStreet went public in October 2016, with BridgeStreet CEO, Sean Worker, stating; “The ‘New Tribe of Business Travelers’ don’t want to just visit their next destination, they want to live there, even if only for a weekend. Our global travelers trust the BridgeStreet brand to deliver a high-quality experience, with Onefinestay we can offer our guests vetted, beautiful homes, along with the convenience of online booking and high hospitality standards that we can guarantee.” Company: BridgeStreet Global Hospitality Name: Sean Worker, President and CEO Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.bridgestreet.com Address: 11180 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 400, Reston, Virginia, 20191. Telephone: +1 571 481 2751 , +1 800 278 7338 1608AC03

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