N America News May 2017

110 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , Plan B Technologies, part of North America News’s CEO 100, provide customer-focused IT solutions, whilst CEODonnie Downs offers a helping hand to charities in the local area. Community-Focused IT Start-up CEO Finds the Right Solution for any Issue Donnie Downs is the CEO of Plan B Technologies, a full-service It solutions provider in Washington, DC, with headquarters in Maryland. He founded plan B Technologies in 2011 with the aim of providing great, personalized serves to customers. He aims to offer all levels of IT support and services, covering the full-service lifecycle of the IT industry – from education to strategic planning and implementation. Donnie is an avid supporter of education and poverty-alleviation charities, including The Herren Project, End Hunger in Calvert County and Farming4Hunger. His supportive and community-driven nature can be seen throughout his business, with his personality shining through every step of the way. In personalized services and the range of services offered through Plan B Technologies, this is a CEO who has his mind set on making a difference to the community. Prior to founding Plan B Technologies, Donnie attended Towson University, studying Political Science and Government, following this he studied Business Administration and Management. These courses and qualifications have transferred into Donnie’s’ business and personal life, as he continues to excel and make his business a success, seeing revenue growth year on year. Plan B Technologies, Inc. offers full-service IT solutions to businesses and individuals across the Washington, DC area. These services cover the full lifecycle of IT requirements – beginning with education, consultation, assessment and design and working through to planning, full-service deployment and support to help customers reach their potential and see results. Plan b offer their expertise for both individual and business clients, covering multiple platforms and tiers. The areas covered by plan B’s services include; storage area networking, backup, recovery and archiving Alongside security and network infrastructure, Microsoft solutions and a dedicated V-Practice, providing cloud-readiness advisory services and complete virtualization solutions. Plan B attribute their success and great service to their expert teams – with senior systems architects, consultants, and hands-on integration engineers who are cross-trained with over 300 unique certifications. This level of expertise, training, experience and knowledge means that Plan B technologies can offer unrivalled service to their customers, both old and new. Plan B pride themselves on their policy of putting customer needs first; taking the time to listen to the needs, limitations and issues facing each customer means that the company can offer tailored solutions which are customized to meet the needs of each individual and company they provide services to. Company: Plan B Technologies Name: Katie Percy Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.planbtech.net Address: 185 Admiral Cochrane Drive, Suite 150, Annapolis, Maryland, 21401 Telephone: +1 301 860 1006 1607AC05

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