N America News May 2017

106 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , Red Door Realty Group have a stylish flair when it comes to their Atlanta-based real estate company. Find Out What Lies Behind the Red Door Red Door Realty operate in Atlanta, Georgia. They have been offering their services for over 10 years and have seen great successes. They offer their expertise across the residential, renting, sales and short sale property industries. As a full-service company, Red Door Realty offer highly specialized information to assist their clients in making supported and balanced choices when it comes to managing property. The combination of experience, negotiating skills and industry knowledge mean that Red Door realty always strive to get the best price and quality for all types of property and contracts. An emerging property market is short sales, which has seen an increase in popularity recently and which requires an expert’s input to guarantee the best quality, legality and assurance for clients – all of which are included in Red Door Realty’s inclusive service. Red Door Realty specialize in renting and letting properties. They know that, in the current market, selling a house is not the idea solution, but renting it out whilst maintaining ownership. For those clients who do not wish to sell their property, but are unsure how to go about renting it out, Red Door realty’s staff have the expertise, knowledge and industry experience to position the property on the market, contact consultants for estimates and legal checks on their behalf and attract the right kind of tenant who will look after the property for the duration of their contract. A key aspect of the service offered by Red Door realty in knowledge of the commercial markets and the ability to get the best prices, contracts and partnerships to ensure the quality and value of commercial lettings and sales. For business properties, Red door realty have over 10 years of local experience, so whether it’s a local business looking to expand into bigger premises, or a massive organization seeking to spread their roots in Atlanta, the Red Door realty team have the know-how, negotiating skills and qualifications to get the client’s dream property into their hands. Red Door Realty pride themselves on their skilled workforce, with two staff members holding ‘Million Dollar Club’ memberships and with an impressive collection of qualifications, skills and industry knowledge between them, they are proving to be the dream team when it comes to Atlanta real estate. Founder and broker, Robbie Roberts is extremely proud of her team’s achievements and has clearly had a positive influence over her employees and managers, as they continue to grow, develop and offer better and better services to clients across the state. Company: Red door Realty group Name: Robbie Roberts Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.reddoorrealtyatlanta.com Address: 3391 Main Street, Atlanta, Georgia, 30337 Telephone: 001 404-925-9100 1702CA18

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