N America News May 2017

NORTHAMERICANEWS / MAY 2017 105 , Falken industries provide training, partnerships and education to help retired veterans get back into work and leave behind the ranks of the unemployed. They have earned the Finest in Business award and no-one deserves it more! Saluting the Commitment to Helping Veterans Get Ahead Falken industries provide security services, including on-site security, personal protection, transportation security and cyber security services for both public and private clients. They are staffed by ex-military personal who bring the necessary amount of discipline to the role and provide excellent levels of security, service and professionalism to the industry. It’s a sad fact that unemployed and homeless veterans are not a rare sight across the U.S. after their sacrifices and service to the country, nothing is more heart-breaking than seeing an overwhelming amount of disrespect, ignorance and lack of care from both organizations and governments. Falken industries are working to reduce the number of unemployed veterans and restore the glory, pride and respect that should be given to all armed force workers, whether they are still active or not. The company offers training, development and education solutions for retired military men and women who are facing difficult life circumstances, mental health issues and problems getting back into non-military employment – and hiring them. Not only is the organization working to partner with companies and government agencies to provide these opportunities and employment, they also want to change the stigma surrounding veteran’s fitness for employability. With an overwhelming number of employers refusing to hire veterans due to a lack of transferable skills, Falken Industries are challenging this belief, showing companies that the skills and experiences gained in military careers are transferable to civilian lifestyles and industries also. Falken industries offer a range of security products, training classes and service, making them a convenient, one-stop- shop for any company or organizations’ security needs and provisions. They work with a range of veterans and military-focused charities and organizations including; Operation Homefront, Wounded Warrior Project, Operation Gratitude and HEROES Military Warriors Support Foundation. The company remains heavily safeguarded and in control of its actions with extensive code of conduct, quality assurance and quality control guidelines, as well as a government services division, dedicated to providing necessary and important government security services. Alongside these safeguards and guidelines, Falken industries hold a large number of corporate memberships, these include; FBI Infragard ( Washington Field Chapter), US Department of State – Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), The Virginia State Police Fusion Center, The Washington, DC Regional Threat & Analysis Center (WRTAC), The Society of Industrial Security Professionals (NCMS), The Quantico Area Industrial Security Council (QAISC), The Virginia Crime Prevention Association (VCPA), The United States Police Defensive Tactics Association (USPDTA), The National Rifle Association – Law Enforcement Activities Division (LEAD), The National Association of Investigative Specialists and The Prince William County, Virginia Chamber of Commerce. From special ops, to specialized security guards, Falken industries are changing the game of security by recruiting only the most committed and dedicated personal, who have already received high levels of intensive training in both physical and mental preparation for the role – the kind of intensity that only coms with military training. Company: Falken Industries Name: Rob Ord Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.falken.us Address: 10372 Battleview Parkway, Manassas, Virginia 20109. Telephone: 001 (888) 293-2878 1702CA09

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