N America News May 2017

102 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , ClickTicker are improving the way companies analyze web traffic and digital advertising campaigns. Better Analytics Are Just a Click Away Founded in 2015, ClickTicker is a small, Florida-based company aiming to take the world of online advertising campaign analytics by storm, with a patented, real-time tracking system, designed for faster, more effective analytics and performance. With the importance of effective digital marketing campaigns becoming increasingly clear, it is necessary for technology, companies and software to evolve sufficiently to keep ahead of the game and ensure that digital marketing team can stay ahead of their competitors, and see the results of their strategies in more and more detail. The inspiration behind ClickTicker is that companies looking to optimize their digital marketing campaigns need more up-to-date data, without having to constantly refresh and update the information displayed. The app created from this idea is a live streaming, real- time tracker, which shows data as it is recorded on a streaming basis, rather than a ‘refresh to update’ basis. This lets marketing professionals and analytics experts see what is happening at a glance. The most useful application of this tool is the ability to respond to situations in real time. The live streaming data shows companies when things are happening – whether they are positive or negative actions, it gives the company and professionals within a better opportunity to respond the anomalies and sudden changes in the online landscape, which can make or break a company. ClickTicker have noticed that the industry has become accustomed to delays and negative consequences because of them. Their app and software aims to tackle these delays and give users an edge in a marketplace where delays can cause ripple effects and the reputation of a brand can hang on a split-second decision or change in market attitude. By having consistently updated, live data, marketers can react in a timely manner whilst remaining calm and reducing the stress of the situation. As data flows, unobstructed, and the usual cause of marketing issues – delays - are reduced and eliminated entirely. It is also worth noting that there are many organizations offering products which seem like real- time analytic trackers, but they still rely on reporting, refreshing and information ‘pulling’ which are time-consuming activities and reduce the effectiveness of time- sensitive data, as the data may be current when the pulling process begins, but once compete and displayed, the data is a few seconds or minutes old and has been outdated by new data. ClickTicker have protected their design from competitors through patenting, which adds another layer of distrust to any company proffering real-time analytics software. The business model used by ClickTicker is founded on a free trial basis, inspiring confidence, trust and loyalty in users and boosting the reputation of a company which is still in its infancy, but shows maturity beyond it’s years. Although the company has only been operating for two short years, the innovation and advances brought forth by the ClickTicker software is already having an impact on the digital marketing and etch industries. Particularly for those businesses who rely on public representation and social media branding – whether they are Instagram brands, PPC campaign royalty or simply relying on SEO to get their name seen by potential customers, every company can rely on the ClickTicker software to keep them up-to- date, informed and able to retain complete control of their marketing strategies. Company: Click Ticker Name: Kelly O’Shea Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.clickticker.com Address: 6741 W. Sunrise Blvd, Bay #5 Plantation, Florida, 33313 Telephone: 001-305-336-3993 1703CA21

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