N America News May 2017

NORTHAMERICANEWS / MAY 2017 101 , OCuSOFT provide ophthalmic products to both eyecare specialists and everyday consumers. But Howhave thy grown fromunknown company to the number 1 doctor-recommended brand of ophthalmic products? A Clear Vision for Better Eyecare OCuSOFT Inc. was founded in 1987 in response to a gap in the market for commercially- available eyelid cleansers. The company was an additional company for the founders, who already owned and operated a company under the name CYNACON. The two companies were eventually merged to create the OCuSOFT company of today. OCuSOFT were revered for their easy-to-produce, over-the- counter eyelid cleansing solution - OCuSOFT lid scrub – the first of its kind to be made commercially available as an over-the-counter treatment for the public to treat the symptoms of eyelid irritations. Soon after, OCuSOFT introduced the first commercially-available leave-on eyelid cleanser, followed by the first topical, localized anesthetic gel and the first proven botulinum toxin injection enhancement supplements. Over the past 30 years, OCuSOFT have grown in both size and reputation and have made a name for themselves in the eyecare industry. They are currently the most trusted and top recommended supplier of eyecare solutions and treatments by doctors and ophthalmologists nationwide. As they have grown so quickly, OCuSOFT have expanded their team and have incorporated a highly-trained and committed sales team who contact professionals and customers to recommend products and chase up warm leads in a professional manner – which works to maintain the company’s reputation and keep them at the top of their industry. OCuSOFT have been awarded many titles and awards for their work, reputation and trustworthiness within the eyecare industry, including being listed amongst the Top Work Places by the Houston Chronicle for seven consecutive years and one of the Best Places to Work by the Houston Business Journal for two consecutive years. OCuSOFT’s mission statement is “Dedicated to addressing clinical needs with innovative solutions, OCuSOFT strives to improve each patient’s health by providing the highest quality products for not only eye care, but also skin care.” Which shows their growth since the invention and first production of the eyecare scrub solutions. The company now offer a variety of medical and essential products for eyecare, skin care, junior care and throat care, alongside a range of specially-appointed ‘doctor’s recommendation’ product, which includes nutrition, eyecare and skin care products to treat a variety of ailments, conditions and complaints. OCuSOFT base their company policies on their core values, which spell the word ‘Life’, stating that they are “Passionate about LIFE!”, the company introduces their values with enthusiasm and gusto; loyalty, integrity, fun and energy are the company’s values, which shines through in their commitment, reliability and dedication to their industry over the past 30 years. Core Values OCuSOFT is passionate about LIFE! Loyalty Integrity Fun Energy Company: OCuSOFT Ltd. Name: Courtney Mason Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.ocusoft.com Address: 301 Kroesche Rd, Rosenberg, Texas, 77471 Telephone: +1 281 239 9871 1702CA91

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