N America News April 2017

NORTHAMERICANEWS / APRIL 2017 55 , ESKADENIA® Software is a CMMI® certified IT Company supporting clients fromacross the telecommunications, insurance, enterprise, education, healthcare and internet sectors with all the design, development and deployment of an innovative range of software products designed tomeet their specific needs. We invited Co-Founder and Executive Partner Doha Salah to tell us more. Success in Software Established in 2000, ESKADENIA works collaboratively alongside its clients to identify persistent problems and then create a software and an automated solution for it. Thanks to this supportive and customer focused approach, ESKADENIA has become the number one trusted regional supplier of IT from the region with focus on R&D and IP. Leveraging the support of over 200 specialist IT staff, the firm has risen to become a key competitor in the industry thanks to its focus on quality and strong leadership, as Doha explains. “ESKADENIA was established in Jordan with the objective to become an international exporter of IT solutions products. We have achieved this through our commitment to excellence and dedication to our clients. “In addition, we draw on strong leadership here at ESKADENIA to ensure the success of the company. I personally have over 17 years’ experience in the industry, which I draw on every day to ensure that the firm remains at the forefront of market developments. To manage a business successfully, the key is to grow the business constantly in order to meet your clients’ needs, and this can only be achieved through strong employee leadership. We also believe that developing good relationships is a good investment, and as such we work to create a network of both clients and industry peers who will support us and help us to remain at the cutting edge of the latest market developments.” Owing to the importance of its dedicated staff in its success, ESKADENIA is committed to ensuring that it works with only the very best in the industry. Doha herself has faced many challenges as a woman working in such a male dominated industry, but she is determined to change this and believes that a more inclusive outlook will ensure that firms such as hers work with the very best staff, regardless of their race or gender. “Personally, the biggest challenge that I have faced is to change perceptions regarding what an Arab Woman can do in IT and in the technology sector; as such I have always tried to contribute towards solving issues regarding gender equality and progress in Jordan, hence I have launched a new women networking portal in the form of a digital sister-hood in Jordan. I am also the Chairwoman of www.becauseicare.jo , a non- profit website that links women with volunteering opportunities, such as teaching disadvantaged children music, each based on their interests. Our biggest challenge is to push more women more into Computer Science and I hope to achieve this through ESKADENIA, as this will benefit both the company and the women of my country.” Looking to the future, Doha and her partner Nael Salah backed with a strong team will remain focused on expansion as they seek to build upon ESKADENIA’s current success and support even more clients over the months and years to come. “Our key focus here at ESKADENIA is expansion, both of the business as a whole and also of our network of sales and partnership agreements. The expansion will be in the form of new representative offices as we seek to grow internationally and support clients from around the world. We will also be coming up with new packages for cloud- based products in order to meet the ever evolving needs of our clients, and we look forward to the opportunities these growth strategies will bring.” K Company: ESKADENIA® Software Contact: Doha Salah Email: [email protected] Phone: +962 6 5510717 Fax: +962 6 5510719 Website: www.eskadenia.com 1703CA13

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