N America News April 2017

54 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / APRIL 2017 , Operating for more than a decade, BearpawRiver Expeditions is Idaho’s most exciting way to experience the rush of the whitewater rapids. River Rats Bearpaw River Expeditions provides exciting whitewater rafting trips to both beginners and seasoned river rats. The organization is a family of dedicated river enthusiasts whose ambition is to share their love of wild rivers and beautiful places with everyone they come into contact with. For over a decade Bearpaw River Expeditions has been a leader in providing both fun and safe river adventures. Bearpaw is a family of professional river guides whose goal is to share our love of wild rivers and beautiful places with everybody that we come into contact with. The company operates safe and exciting trips and maintains exceptionally high standards of customer service. The goal of Bearpaw River Expeditions, LLC is to enable people to experience and enjoy the excitement and beauty of the Western rivers. It is also the goal of Bearpaw to provide what is known as the “Whitewater Lifestyle” to its guests, staff and friends. True ‘river people’, Bearpaw river guides are the type of people who spend their free time at the river kayaking, paddling, swimming, or just watching the water roll on by. For the crew at Bearpaw, a day of “work” river guiding on the Lochsa can be as much fun as a day out paddling with friends. They take their river fun seriously! With a wide variety of interests and areas of expertise, there are many ways that Bearpaw guides will engage you. One of Bearpaw River Expeditions’ offerings the full service, all inclusive, and ultra- exciting whitewater river trips on one of North-Central Idaho’s most beautiful and wild rivers, the Lochsa River. The Lochsa is truly one of the best rivers in the world for adrenaline soaked adventure in the midst of amazing natural beauty. The Lochsa is a completely free- flowing, wild and scenic river that bounces down a steep granite canyon. The river is surrounded by a lush forest of cedar and fir trees, ferns, and beds of dense moss. With close to 40 rapids in the 20-mile “day run”, many of them class IV, every trip down the river is an exciting challenge. Bearpaw’s 30-mile “Epic” run adds even more challenges and many more rapids to the trip. With regards to the future, Bearpaw River Expeditions, LLC will continue to provide high quality, super exciting, adrenaline soaked, river trips on the Lochsa River, Clark Fork and Blackfoot rivers. The company also plans to be looking towards other opportunities to experience and share the thrill of the western rivers. K Company: Bearpaw River Expeditions, LLC. Web Address: www.bearpawexpeditions.com Address: 3067 Fleet Street Missoula, Montana 59808 Email: [email protected] Telephone: +1 406 546 0370 1703CA40

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