N America News April 2017

NORTHAMERICANEWS / APRIL 2017 43 Steeped in History g Company: Caine & Weiner Company, Inc. Tel: + 1 818 226 2000 Web: www.caine-weiner.com make them happy. It’s this vision that has helped us prosper since 1930. “We continue to be customer centric not only in our global collection endeavors, but also in our full suite of Receivables- to-Cash solutions, specializing in servicing the commercial and consumer sectors. Caine & Weiner has been there for our customers since 1930, and we still uphold the strong values and customer focused mindset established more than 85 years ago.” Greg has come up against many challenges in his time as CEO, and during his career, such as increasing industry regulations; however, he and the firm pride itself on their impeccable adherence to compliance. Nevertheless, it is important for Greg and the team to keep up- to-date with the latest emerging trends within the industry, in order to continuously stay one step ahead. “Investment in technology is one of the core strategic intents of our company mission statement. We pride ourselves in having built the technology and infrastructure of a large, national agency while maintaining the high levels of flexibility, responsiveness and customer service of a smaller organization. “We remain very diligent in monitoring client needs, and providing the flexibility to customize has continued our organic growth plan as an organization both in the commercial and consumer portfolios. We have expanded our existing call center operations as we acquire new clientele. Each of our five call centers has the technology and existing physical capacity to expand to meet the needs of our clients as we acquire additional portfolios for 3rd party contingency fee recovery and other opportunities. Our expectation is to continue to build upon our success in delivering the highest levels of customer service and recovery results for our clients. We remain focused on maintaining these highest of standards as we continue to expand our operation.” As the firm approaches the end of its first century of successful service, Greg outlines its strategic intent and what he foresees with regards to the future. “We will strive for continued growth through internal development of our resources. We are also dedicated to ongoing investment in people, procedures, compliance and technology, and seek acquisition of, and alliance with, progressive companies who share our vision. “Our longevity, financial stability, expertise, technology, responsiveness and customization, combined with our willingness to listen, will allow us to provide our clients with the highest levels of recovery and unmatched customer service. We’re recognized as an industry innovator with over eight decades of experience maximizing collections for almost every type of debt. “We developed the highly effective PIF2 file-handling procedure, which seamlessly integrates precise file-handling activity, action steps, and continuous management review throughout the collection cycle, ensuring that each file receives maximum handling, resulting in significantly higher recoveries. “Our progressive attitude and willingness to change has allowed us to better maximize recoveries in our current economic environment without sacrificing compliance, commitment, customer service, and flexibility to customize and meet/exceed expectations.”

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