N America News April 2017

42 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / APRIL 2017 , CEO of Caine &Weiner, Greg Cohen, talks in-depth about the industry and what sets the firm out as the best option for clients. Steeped in History For more than eight decades the world’s leading businesses have relied on Caine & Weiner’s team of certified Accounts Receivable Resolution Specialists to resolve their bad debts and past due accounts. Caine & Weiner is a leading full-service accounts receivable management enterprise, with a network of collection centers strategically located throughout the U.S., as well as a strong global presence. Caine & Weiner’s offerings span the full breadth of the Receivables- to-Cash cycle and are a best-in-class reliable resource for thousands of companies seeking to reduce their Accounts Receivable Turnover ratios. “Client satisfaction is our highest priority,” explains Greg Cohen, CEO of Caine & Weiner. “Since 1930 we have delivered outstanding performance and unmatched service to our worldwide clients.” “Our team of tenured professionals, mirrored with cutting-edge technology, has the skills to help our valued clients accomplish their accounts receivable management objectives.” As President and CEO of the firm Greg is responsible for the executive management, strategic initiatives and overall operations of Caine & Weiner. He has been actively involved in the credit and collection industry for the last 30 years, and has been with Caine & Weiner for more than 25 years. “I am serving my second consecutive term as the President of the International Association of Commercial Collectors, (IACC),” he embellishes, “and am also President of the California Commercial Collection Association (CCCA). I am an avid supporter of the National Association of Credit Management, serve on several Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) committees, as well as contribute to industry publications.” When it comes to managing staff, Greg is committed to building a positive, professional, compliant environment that fosters teamwork and honors the firm’s historic service, values and integrity. Greg goes into more depth about the history of the firm and its origins. “In 1930, a gallon of gas cost $0.10. The average price sticker on a new home read $7,145, and the typical working American earned a yearly salary just shy of $2,000. Also in 1930, Sidney Caine and Charles Weiner worked together to establish Caine & Weiner, one of the oldest commercial agencies of its kind in the United States. As a company dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and optimal collection performance, Caine & Weiner provided continuous service throughout the Great Depression, multiple wars, and the most recent Great Recession. “Henry Ford once said: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” From the beginning of every contract made with Caine & Weiner, the customer reigns as the most important party in every transaction, with every team member working together to guarantee excellence. Consisting of leadership from an involved, first-class executive team, and some of the most experienced accounts receivable specialists in the industry, Caine & Weiner’s commitment to their customers prove that honesty, flexibility, readiness and loyalty can truly stand the test of time. “The evidence presents itself very clearly in the client base that Caine & Weiner continues to serve. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Caine & Weiner has built many long-lasting relationships with the customers we serve. Many have turned to our team for over 40 years because they know that Caine & Weiner delivers well. “Throughout our 85+ years, Caine & Weiner customized many successful techniques that we still make use of today. While the basic operations of collection and comprehensive accounts receivable management solutions may appear simple, Caine & Weiner excels by utilizing the most advanced technology available, tenured professionals, and a customer centered mindset. “Caine & Weiner’s successful entry into the consumer collections industry is another testament to our flexibility and customer centered mindset. When the need arose for a proven agency to service consumer clients in addition to our established commercial clientele, Caine & Weiner was among the first to adapt for this significant change in our market. We have also successfully implemented 1st Party Collection Outsourcing and a suite of other BPO services. “Clients gain Caine & Weiner’s experience and consistent investment in up-to-date technology that safeguards their funds in a trust fund account and allows for faster release of funds collected. Keeping the customer in mind, Caine & Weiner makes remittance information user- friendly, working relentlessly to increase their cash flow. This includes providing weekly remittances compared to the industry standard of monthly remittances. “The heart of the word customer is “custom.” As Caine & Weiner’s President/CEO I understand the importance of this. I know building value around what customers really want – and will want in the future – is the foundation for leading a business. As a result our Leadership Team continues to be involved in every step of our customer’s engagement process. It is important to our core values to be a part of all facets of the business to ensure precision on all levels so that the highest level of customer service is maintained at all times. “While many modern-day CEO’s may seem inaccessible, distant and disengaged, I personally sign every client remittance check … every single one of the hundreds I receive on my desk each week. This methodology may seem “old school” but it allows me to keep informed on the ins and outs of the business. They say “old habits die hard” which is true. This process has worked in the past and continues to work for me as the leader of the company. Our clients are always #1 and we do everything in our control from the top to the bottom from the very start to 1703CA25

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