North America Business Awards 2023

6 | North America Business Awards 2023 Nov23343 Based in San Antonio, Cash Flow Mike is a leading cash flow coaching and consulting firm that aims to empower entrepreneurs through financial education and practical solutions. With the company’s proven tools and seasoned expertise at their fingertips, business owners can effectively elevate their finances. Here, we dive into Cash Flow Mike’s excellent offerings in the wake of Founder Mike Milan’s success in the North America Business Awards 2023. Financial Forecasting Coach of the Year 2023 (USA): Mike Milan ash Flow Mike is committed to helping entrepreneurs to maximize the cash flow of their business by addressing their common challenges and providing them with actionable insights to foster their financial resilience. To accomplish this, the company offers a range of training programs, workshops, and resources designed to enhance financial literacy. For example, Cash Flow Mike’s flagship offering, the ‘Clear Path To Cash’ Self-Help Video Course, offers in-depth lessons and coaching that aim to revolutionize cash flow for businesses. Consisting of over 5 hours of video lessons, more than 30 spreadsheets, and many worksheets, the course provides clients with the ultimate resource for mastering the eight essential financial concepts. Alternatively, with Cash Flow Mike’s Weekly Coaching Subscription, clients can choose to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery in the form of dynamic 30-minute sessions. In this, they will dive deep into the financial concepts taught in the aforementioned ‘Clear Path To Cash’ program, covering everything from cash flow forecasting to working capital optimization. As part of this subscription, clients will receive expert guidance tailored to the unique needs of their business, allowing them to gain real-life answers to their most pressing questions. Moreover, for accounting professionals looking to maximize cash flow in their advisory services, Cash Flow Mike offers the ‘Clear Path To Cash’ Professional Certification Program, as part of which clients receive comprehensive training designed to elevate their expertise. Cash Flow Mike understands that navigating the intricacies of finance can be daunting, especially for emerging entrepreneurs and small businesses. However, the company is unique because of its ability to distil complex financial concepts into accessible and easily implementable bites of advice and information, avoiding any heavy financial jargon. Its strength truly lies in simplifying the complex to provide clients with actionable insights that they can leverage to make informed financial decisions in the future. Unlike its competitors, Cash Flow Mike is committed to making sure that its clients not only understand all the information they are provided with but also know how to apply it to their work in the future. Steadfast in its commitment to clarity and simplicity in its financial education services, the company effectively bridges the gap between detailed, theoretical financial concepts and their practical, real-world implementation. Furthermore, Cash Flow Mike sets itself apart through the highly personalized and client-centric approach it takes to its work. The company dedicates ample time to gaining an in-depth understanding of the unique needs and challenges each client faces, then works to tailor its solutions to align with their individual business objectives. Operating in an ever-evolving industry, Cash Flow Mike is committed to remaining at the forefront of any emerging developments. To this end, the company utilizes a number of proactive methods that enable it to stay ahead of the curve. Firstly, it fosters a culture of continuous learning amongst its team members, encouraging them to keep up to date with the latest industry trends, attend relevant conferences, and engage in useful educational programs. Secondly, Cash Flow Mike is equipped with an extensive network of industry connections, through which it collaborates with other professionals, organizations, and thought leaders to exchange insights, share best practices, and gain early awareness of emerging developments. Furthermore, by regularly attending webinars and networking events, the company maximizes its exposure to innovation and novel ideas. Lastly, Cash Flow Mike is committed to investing in technology, enabling it to leverage the most advanced tools and platforms in its work. Through this, the company ensures that its strategies and services align with the evolving landscape of financial education. The incredible mind behind Cash Flow Mike and its superlative services is Founder Mike Milan. For his outstanding work and the exceptional company that he has created, Mike has been named Financial Forecasting Coach of the Year in the North America Business Awards 2023. Currently, Mike and his team are developing a financial app that will mirror the foundational concepts taught in Cash Flow Mike’s flagship course. In this, they aim to provide clients with a practical and user-friendly tool that will help them implement the principles of effective cash flow management. Contact Details Contact: Mike Milan Company: Cash Flow Mike Web Address: C