North America Business Awards 2023

North America Business Awards 2023 | 5 There are several distinctions that serve to distinguish Northwind from its industry competitors, and a primary reason is its methods regarding operating partnerships. The team place a key emphasis on the pre-existing knowledge of current management, well aware that this knowledge is nearly impossible to replicate, they rely on partnering with these managers to successfully manage daily operations. From here, when it is needed, the company is more than capable of providing support across areas of operations, finance, strategy planning, and acquisition execution, with its professionals sharing their wealth of experience to ensure partner success. Another key element that separates the business is its timely and professional execution. Bolstered by an excellent reputation and track record, the company never commits to a project that it is not wholly confident it can deliver upon. Thanks to a nimble size, entrepreneurial culture, and a noticeable lack of internal approval committees, Northwind buys quick and dependably, often turning things around within a month. Although this turn around may be quick, the company’s commitment is not, and it remains steadfast in continuing to make the correct decisions to foster the long-term health and success of a business. At the heart of its excellent methods and continued success is Northwind’s team, a group of professionals who have all worked closely and effectively for years. The team remains united in their customer approach, and employs an approach that is straight-talking, egalitarian, and transparent when partnering with companies. Just like the business owners that Northwind partners with, it too recognises the paramount importance of curating the correct culture in which to operate, and it is this which ultimately serves as the very foundation of the business. With a diverse set of opinions, perspectives, and experiences, and vital assets such as excellent people, capital, and a reputation most companies could only dream of, Northwind Investment Group strives to never take advantage of the people or businesses that it manages. For these reasons, the business has forged a place for itself at the forefront of the market, and is more than deserving of this award celebrating its expertise in the field of private investment. Contact: Fred Gaiotti Company: Northwind Investment Group Web Address: Private investment firm Northwind Investment Group has millions committed in capital across a host of different funds, making key investments in small- and medium-sized businesses that afford opportunities for growth in operations and finance. Specialising in bridging the gap between institutional investors seeking a high yielding investment and companies that can provide this but need additional funding, the business successfully provides an array of strategic financial opportunities. Moreover, by designing and executing a personalised and tailored creation plan for every business with which it works, the company’s timeless approach serves to generate an improved cash flow and a client’s overall earnings before taxes, depreciation, and amortisation. orthwind Investment Group expertly invests in a range of businesses across the export, import, distribution, logistics, and consumer sectors, prioritising those institutions which truly matter to suppliers, employees, and customers. The company truly believes that of all the clients which it collaborates with demonstrably benefit the markets which they serve, yet some are facing extreme challenges and others are doing well but could thrive under Northwind’s operation and expertise. With the business being highly skilled at navigating complex deals that are out of reach for other buyers, difficult transactions can be closed in as little as 30 days. While Northwind has the ability to buy businesses through a variety of means, whether this be simple asset, stock sales, or more complicated approaches, the same consistent level of exemplary service is afforded throughout, with the firm doing everything possible to keep managers, employees, and stakeholders involved across the acquisition process. One particular way that this is achieved successfully is through the valuing of simplicity, transparency, and integrity, which enables the company to successfully achieve what it sets out to do, working tirelessly to be the best transaction partner for businesses. The company also has a great deal of direct industry expertise under its wing, with this having allowed to carve out an effective niche for itself. It focuses on companies that are headquartered in North and South America and Asia, with these portfolio businesses typically having earnings before tax, depreciation, and amortisation of between $1-10 million at the point of initial investment, with Northwind then focusing on implementing equity investment between $1-25 million in the privately-owned companies. The investment period usually lasts between 4 and 6 years, and the company focuses on building value steadily over time. Best Private Investment Firm 2023 - Florida N