North America Business Elite Awards 2021

Best Fuel Transport Hire Company 2021 and it wishes to continue pushing for further growth so that it can continue to internally improve for its hardworking workforce. Forever bringing in new talent and equipment – and despite the challenges presented by the travel embargos imposed by Covid-19 responses during the pandemic – it is looking into new ways to entice new, bold, fresh perspectives into the transport industry. After such a colossal shakeup as the pandemic had on fulfilment, distribution, and logistics, Cox Petroleum Transport and the rest of the wider industry can see the winds changing towards greater global change that will inevitably have implications for every industry in the corporate ecosystem. Essentially, every business will need to find a new way of working, and better ways to adapt to the hurdles of a burgeoning new paradigm. During the past 18 months, it is surmised that up to one third of drivers have left the industry completely due to the lack of work and the issues that presented them. Therefore, with the world beginning the recover and the wider business ecosystem beginning to emerge again from the mad scramble that has been surviving the last couple of years, the travel and logistics industry has been engaged in a kind of recruitment drive in which Cox Petroleum Transport has been partaking. Should someone be interested in joining Cox Petroleum Transport as an outstanding example of one such firm, they can expect to find a caring and well-developed working environment that ensures its employees are the priority. Keeping up with regular training and interpersonal development makes it so an employee can consistently be working on their own skills and career development, and it strives to make paths to further progression within itself so that staff always have a pathway to greater success over their time with the firm. Indeed, although sales for fuel dropped over Covid-19, it is seeing an uptick once more, and thus can promise new hires a diverse and dynamic working environment. Additionally, new hires can expect to join the industry at a critical period of change and development, making it one of the best times to do so. With sales climbing, Cox Petroleum Transport has plenty of roomwithin its team for new people who wish to move career or existing professionals who seek a change in environment. Looking at schedules, compensation, and work environments, it encourages its staff to make their opinions of its internal structure known so that it can continue to be flexible and adaptive in the face of contemporary market transformation, hoping to bring some of the drivers who left during the pandemic back into the fold as well as fresh new faces. Currently, Cox Petroleum Transport operates mainly in the central and southern parts of California, enjoying the myriad different variables currently making it a highly unique climate for its industry. With a growing roster of clientele and rising demand that it predicts will be continuing its uptick as it moves into 2022 and beyond, it is setting itself apart from others in its industry with its honesty, integrity, attention to detail, and communication skills, performing at high levels consistently in order to address the needs of its customers and handle challenges before they become problems. This means that Cox Petroleum Transport’s work allows clients to focus on what truly matters – their business – and it can focus on its employees. Company: Cox Petroleum Transport Contact: Jeremy Mairs Website: