North America Business Elite Awards 2021

4 | North America Business Awards 2020 Cox Petroleum Transport, an exemplary fuel delivery company operating in the diverse and dynamic field of logistics and travel, has seen a variety of different changes occur in the industry over the past 18 months. The pandemic has spurred on sector-wide paradigm shifts, the impacts of which are still making themselves known to this day; one of the most critical of these being the loss of so many of the industry’s most steadfast professionals. With such people leaving the industry, Cox Petroleum Transport has been more focused than ever on adapting itself to the newmodern world, looking to bring more fresh faces on board to show themwhat a career in the delivery industry can do for them. business with over fifty years of experience as an enterprise under its belt, Cox Petroleum Transport is a fuel delivery company operating with diligence, tenacity, and efficiency to move gas and diesel to where it needs to go. Fundamentally, it serves everywhere from service stations to truck stops, delivering specialty products to all over the US and even Canada, operating with the values of delivering the safest, fastest delivery services possible every time. It also takes pride in being able to meet and exceed its customers needs, with each of its staff working with high levels of professional performance, loyalty to customer and company, and an unshakable morale. Additionally, being family owned and operated, its culture is one of mutual support all around. It treats its employees like a familial unit, working hard to support and encourage each one of them as well as to ensure that each of them have their needs met during the workday and wherever it can, creating a safe and healthy working environment that recognises their need for work/life balance. Cox Petroleum Transport is also big on safety. Throughout its operations, it implements the strictest measures to ensure the safety of its workers, training and preparing each of them for the role they will take on within the company and getting an idea of where they wish to take their personal professional life so that it can encourage this. It finds it incredibly important that its staff feel like an involved and integral part of what makes the business a success. Indeed, it is aware that its staff have secured it the position at the top of its industry that it currently enjoys, each of themworking incredibly hard to carry out their work efficiently and effectively with very little margin of error. This pride in their work is something that Cox Petroleum Transport wishes to thank each and every staff member for retaining, and it is incredibly humbled by the people it has gathered around itself; thus, it guarantees that each employee is rewarded in the success of the business, and that its prosperity is directly good for its team. Additionally, as it is constantly working with government agencies and associations to see what it can do and where it can continue to go from where it has currently found itself. After all, for a company with such a dedicated and diligent group of people in its ranks, the sky is the limit, Oct21293 Best Fuel Transport Hire Company 2021 A