North America Business Awards 2020

36 | North America Business Awards 2020 Best Women-Owned Construction Management Firm - Pacific Northwest USA When it comes to construction management, there are few better in the industry than the team at Allen Construction Management Services LLC. ACMS has quickly built a reputation for excellence, assisting public agencies and private-sector clients with its exceptional services. We take a closer look at the impressive team to see how they’ve managed to achieve such success. onstruction is a challenging business, drawing together different experts and specialists to bring a singular vision to life. Many find the organizational challenges involved very limiting, but the team at ACMS thrive under the pressure. Women owned and led; the team has been involved in many projects that have led them to the most incredible success. Based in Oregon, ACMS is a WBE/DBE/ESB certified construction and civil engineering firm. At the heart of the company is a commitment to clients, ensuring that they come first in every situation. The team apply a VIP approach, with VIP standing for Vision, Innovation and Passion. This ensures that when ACMS is involved, a job is not only done right, it is done right first time. Over the years, AMCS has been involved in numerous projects, including underground utility installations, green streets, bioswales, industrial projects, wastewater treatment plants and pump stations, as well as roadways and highways to name but a few. This extraordinary range of projects gives them the ability to assist in a multitude of different circumstances. The team offers a range of services to clients, including Design Build, Program Management, Engineering and Inspection Services. Each brings its own unique set of difficulties and challenges. The design build approach is one which sets the team apart, acting as a modern delivering method for projects. Essentially, it brings the designer and the contractor together in a harmonious partnership. The knowledge of a designer and the expertise of a contractor ensures that costs are kept realistic and low. Programmanagement is an integral part of what ACMS does, and it involves the organization of resources to achieve a project’s specific objectives. ACMS has proven more than capable of firm assembling the most qualified teammembers with professional leadership to execute a vision to its fullest. With the ability to tackle this work in-house, it’s little wonder that clients keep turning their attention to this impressive company. Having a team who can navigate the complex study and approval processes that must be completed prior to the design and construction of small- and large-scale municipal, county, state, federal, and private improvement projects and developments is a boon to any client. It’s a credit to the team, and their history of success. Leading the company forward are President Monique Allen and CEO Laurie Allen. Both bring an enormous amount of experience to the table when it comes to tackling the business and the construction aspects of the firm. Monique has over 15 years of progressive Business Development experience in the A/E/C industry as well as providing Project Oversight on various pursuits which require close interaction with the public. C Laurie’s experience includes providing contract administration and personnel for projects ranging from $275k to $55M. She is responsible for strategic planning, corporate growth, capital allocation, marketing, day-to-day operations, and project coordination for the office, forming partnerships with potential teaming partners to enhance ACMS’ market share. With their powers combined, the firm has proven to be a whirlwind success, with an astonishing track record. When looking for a construction management firm who can make a real difference, there’s really nowhere better to turn than ACMS. The team’s skill and experience are more than enough evidence that they can make a real difference to the handling of any project. We celebrate their success in 2020’s North America Business Awards, and look forward to seeing them continue to thrive in the coming months and years. Company: Allen Construction Management Services LLC Contact: Laurie Allen Website: 3 | N rt A ri B i A r 2 With their powers combined, the firm has proven to be a whirlwind success, with an astonishing track record. Nov20153