North America Business Awards 2020

North America Business Awards 2020 | 35 Staying healthy has not been easy for many over the last year. With lockdowns and restrictions in place, going to the gym is not always straightforward. As these limitations begin to lift, it’s worth finding somewhere that can really make a different. Dynamic Training Centre is one of the leaders in North America. We take a closer look to see how their work has brought about such incredible success. hen talking to the team at Dynamic Training Centre about fitness, their message is clear and to the point: fitness is not just for the vain and the body-conscious. Fitness is for everyone. At the heart of their work is a commitment to opening the door for anyone to access professional training that embraces state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience. When it comes to fitness, it’s important to find a place that suits you. The team at Dynamic Training Centre have built a place that specializes in group TRX Suspension Training and with injuries and limitations. By design, anyone can take part and anyone can find their place. Whether it’s training alone, with friend or as part of a large group, there’s an option to fit every need, and more importantly, every wallet. The success of the firm comes from always looking outside of the box. The team at Dynamic Training Centre run the only licensed TRX training facility in the province and have more education on the TRX Suspension Trainer that any other individual in the country. Having a professional of such a high calibre on hand has been a real benefit not only to the fitness facility, but those who use its services. For the most part, studios offer the same basic equipment. Everyone does body lifting, power lifting nutrition, and personal training. Everyone uses the same basic equipment. The nature of Dynamic Training Centre means that the team are very selective in what they bring in, and what they provide. Aside from offering TRX training, Dynamic Training Centre is home to some equipment that cannot be found anywhere else in Atlantic Canada. Some might think that this would lead to a very exclusive approach which only appeals to the enthusiast, but actually regular people who want to take care of themselves have found a welcome home when they walk through the doors. Often they are more mature and family orientated. Many are working professionals who discover Dynamic Training Centre through online social media and word of mouth. Word of mouth has been an incredible benefit to the team, providing accurate and honest testimony as well as an effective point of contact. The challenge for 2020 has obviously been the COVID-19 pandemic. Government lockdowns and restrictions have limited the way in which Dynamic Training Centre can operate. When the team finally finds a new way to get back on their feet, the limitations change once again and everything goes back to square one. As the vaccinations spread across the nation, it will be possible to once again make plans for the benefit of clients. As such, the team at Dynamic Training Centre are focused on surviving this crisis and seeing what will happen as things return to normal. Once this has been achieved, it will be possible to consider the firm’s next steps as a business and fitness facility. For now, Dynamic Training Centre has entered into survival mode, but it lies ready to strike back at the first opportunity. Company: Dynamic Training Centre Contact: Pat Corkum Website: W Best Personal Fitness Facility - New Brunswick Oct20644