North America Business Awards 2020

28 | North America Business Awards 2020 Best Automotive Quality Inspection Specialists - Mexico stablished in 2006, Human Factor is a leading provider of Quality Inspection, Rework, and Outsourcing solutions for Tier One and Two companies of the automotive industry of the Saltillo region, Mexico. As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, Human Factor is a people-centric firm that relies on its hardworking team to deliver excellence in their services for customers by adhering to their principal values of Reliability, Efficiency, and Effort. Human Factor seeks to contribute to the success of its clients by demonstrating these values, alongside quality and respect, in their comprehensive services. In Quality Inspection, Human Factor offers flexibility to the needs of its clients, carrying out everything from specialized reworking to engineering and designing metal racks, inspecting production lines to raffling off raw materials to suppliers or clients, and implementing and monitoring CSI and CSII to providing forklift services. All of these services are delivered with the client in mind, adapting to their needs and providing excellence at an affordable price. The firm also provides Outsourcing services, alleviating concerns and issues around personnel by recruiting administrative, technical or executive staff required to fit into the company of their clients, so that they can focus on the bigger picture elements of their business. Human Factor takes full responsibility for the employer’s obligations, strictly adhering to regulation standards, particularly in the hiring of foreign personnel. As such, Human Factor is able to ease the administrative burdens of recruitment by presenting them with a qualified team, ready to work. Human Factor’s assistance also goes further than personnel, as it acts as a representative for suppliers, carrying out administrative tasks such as market research for locations, exhibiting products worldwide, or installing a business in a national or foreign site. The team’s services also encompass advising and supervising the execution or start-up of a service, creating practical solutions based on analyses of the clients’ business, requirements, and end goals. In all of these services, Human Factor is committed to satisfying the specifications of their clients, going above and beyond to meet and exceed their expectations. In order to do this, the Human Factor team undergoes regular training which not only instils confidence in the clients who are trusting the firm with their products, but supports the Human Factor team as individuals pursuing their own career paths and professional development. Developing a strong team of personnel is a priority at Human Force, which knows the difficulty of maintaining a workforce in the Saltillo region. Four years ago, Human Factor implemented a recruitment E strategy that focused on hiring and retaining people, which has resulted in a personnel turnover of less than 3%. This is a remarkable achievement in a region where on average, personnel turnover is at approximately 40%. By acquiring a team of committed and valued individuals, Human Factor has fostered a collaborative working environment that delivers reliable and effective solutions for clients that employ resources and well-informed expertise. Together, the team strives to improve continuously, looking out for one another even in the face of adversity so that they can develop as a unit and as individuals. Even in the three-month lockdown brought about by the pandemic, Human Factor’s priority was looking after its greatest asset: its people. The company’s savings were invested in covering the financial needs of their team, ensuring that they knew that they were safe and valued, even when they could not work. Consequently, as business resumes, Human Factor is able to continue delivering excellence to its customers and maintaining its position as the leading provider of quality inspection and outsourcing services in the automotive industry of the Saltillo region. Now, this is ambitious firm is looking to expand its reach even further and become a leading enterprise in central Mexico too, where innovation and advancements in automotive technology are rife. As such, within the next year, Human Factor hopes to be able to call itself a leader not only of the Saltillo automotive industry, but of Mexico too. Company: Human Factor Del Norte Contact: David Moises Rodriguez Gonzalez Website: 2 | N rt A ri B i A r 2 Nov20129 Human Factor is a Saltillo-based firm that has established itself as a dynamic firm in the automotive industry, offering services in Quality Inspection, Rework, and Outsourcing for Tier One and Two firms. As its name suggests, the greatest factor of the firm’s success is its people, who are constantly striving to be better. The firm’s recent success at the New World Report: North America Business Awards 2020 is testament to the hard work and efficiency of the Human Factor team.