Legal Elite Awards 2022

Best Bilingual Personal Injury Law Firm – USA & Client Services Excellence Award 2022 short phone conversation to ensure the candidate’s goals and interests align with our firm’s from a 30,000-foot view. Then, we conduct an initial formal interview that dives into a candidate’s work and education background. […] After the initial interview, we conduct an online profile assessment. This helps bring an objective measure to a candidate’s workplace behaviors, motivators, skills, and emotional intelligence.’ The process concludes with a reference check – if this comes back with positive results, Kitay Law Offices will hold a final interview. Throughout the recruitment stage, Kitay Law Offices makes its expectations abundantly clear, and consequently, it boasts a respectable and highly skilled team. As the industry throws numerous challenges at law firms, this is an important area to maintain – the team makes the business what it is. The Covid-19 pandemic, for example, was an immense challenge for many industries. For Kitay Law Offices, the outbreak meant adapting to a new way of holding legal proceedings – ‘now, many court proceedings occur via phone or video conference. As a result, we need to prepare our clients for this process and ensure they can utilize and access the requisite technology to work through their case. In some cases, this means we need to train our clients to use certain equipment and applications.’ The general mistrust of the legal system has also been challenging at times; however, Kitay Law Offices is on a mission to change this. Through providing transparent legal solutions with integrity and respect, it has begun changing the minds of its community. In fact, one of the most rewarding elements of the law firm’s work is the positive impact it has on its local area. As it is based within the locale that it serves, it has the ability to work not only with individuals, but society as a whole. Consequently, Kitay Law Offices has a bright future ahead – one that is filled with plans for expansion. Over the next year, the firm has plans to continue expanding its ability to serve communities throughout Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Complimenting this, Kitay Law Offices will be moving to a larger home in Chambersburg, PA in the coming months, which Kitay states will, ‘enhance our ability to serve this community, which also happens to have a largely underserved Spanishspeaking population.’ Contact: Thomas Pivnicny Company: Kitay Law Offices Web Address: