Legal Elite Awards 2022

4 | Legal Elite Awards 2022 Kitay Law Offices is a law firm that wants to make a positive impact. It truly cares about the community it serves – therefore, it not only offers services in English, but also Spanish. At the heart of the company is a desire to aid those without a voice and, ultimately, to establish equality within the legal system. nown as ‘The Law Firm with a Heart®’, Kitay Law Offices works to represent people of all backgrounds by providing a voice to underrepresented communities. It endeavours to act as an advocate for those who need one. Founded over 25 years ago, the firm has acquired a unique perspective that has enabled it to work sensitively with different cultures. In essence, Kitay Law Offices is a law firm that prioritizes the clients and their needs, be it through hiring bilingual teammembers, offering a friendly service, or simply listening to its clients and taking their feedback to heart. With offices located in Philadelphia, Lehigh, Chester, Berks, Luzerne, and Franklin counties, Kitay Law Offices is a highly accessible firm. Moreover, it specialises in four key areas – Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, Criminal and DUI defense, and Immigration law. Within such areas, Kitay Law Offices provides clients with a five-star experience – this is greatly reflected in the reviews of the law firm, with clients describing it as ‘awesome,’ ‘excellent,’ and as the ‘Best Law Firm in Lehigh Valley!’ This coincides greatly with Kitay Law Offices’ core values which revolve around client service. The firm is committed to providing excellence and is willing to go the extra mile in order to make each client feel comfortable whilst working with the firm. After all, many of the company’s clients are entering the law firm in a vulnerable position – which is a matter that Kitay Law Offices understands. Therefore, within each case, it fights to get the best result possible. It views each client as a collaborator – taking into consideration their thoughts, input, and feelings to cultivate an effective solution. ‘Regarding client service in general, we keep transparent and open lines of communication with our clients at all times. We communicate by phone, video call, and in person, whichever works best for our client. In addition, we provide clear and honest advice and recommendations regarding the strengths, weaknesses, and risks to each client. We will meet with our clients in advance to discuss any important developments or strategic decisions that we expect to encounter. Finally, each client works with a dedicated team that stays with them throughout the life of their case. This allows us to develop trust, understanding, and a lasting relationship with our clients,’ explains Kenneth M. Kitay, Esq., the law firm’s founder. Indeed, much of the company’s success stems from this approach, which is fulfilled by each member of the team. The firm’s internal culture is centred around the core values, which has created a positive and effective work environment. Additionally, the embodiment of such values ensures that each customer receives an amazing customer experience and exceptional results. In order to find staff members that live by these standards, the company undertakes a rigorous hiring process. Kitay continues, ‘we begin with a Apr22100 Best Bilingual Personal Injury Law Firm – USA & Client Services Excellence Award 2022 K