Legal Elite Awards 2021

The team is there to address legal needs with aggressive, yet compassionate representation. They are hard-working, passionate and have an intense desire to provide creative solutions for difficult legal problems, taking an holistic approach by providing ongoing client education and support. Best Criminal Defence Firm – Northern California falsified evidence, racial profiling, sexual abuse, intimidation, etc.; the prosecutor may have failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime; or there may be a legal excuse for being punished for the crime, which may include self- defence or defence of others. While this is not the entire list, a lawyer can help clients to develop a plan of action that best suits their personal situation. Often clients work with lawyers who are inexperienced or weak in the courtroom; with The Chastaine Law Office’s team, clients can rest assured knowing its Sacramento County attorneys are trial-tested. The attorneys at The Chastaine Law Office are experienced at sentencing and can negotiate with prosecutors to lower their client’s jail or prison time. Not every case can be beaten up front; sometimes the evidence is stacked up against them and the best that can be done is to mitigate the damage. The criminal attorneys are professional negotiators that can assure clients get the best sentence a prosecutor or judge is willing to offer. Indeed, The Chastaine Law Office has succeeded in obtaining countless reduced charges, “not-guilty” verdicts and dismissals on its clients’ behalf, and it will continue to do so, thanks to its unique and highly specialised approach to criminal law. Company: The Chastaine Law Office Contact: Michael Chastaine Website: