Legal Elite Awards 2021

6 | Legal Elite Awards 2021 May21443 Best Corporate Law Firm – Mexico Lex Legal Mexico has become the first choice for businesspeople and companies who have interest in doing business in, with and through Mexico. With the most competitive fees, its highly trained and experienced lawyers excel in corporate and business law. It also offers outstanding advice in import/export, trademarks and other intellectual property, fintech, collections, mercantile litigation, and so on. he firm’s main goal is to serve its clients and make possible the duly and proper materialisation of businesses and innovations that will change the future and shape every aspect of our lives. It truly believes that through having the priceless opportunity of advising today’s entrepreneurs into safe and convenient structures and obligations that the creation of wealth and valour will be correctly stimulated, in benefit of everyone in general. What separates Lex Legal Mexico from the rest of the top tier law firms in Mexico and Latam is that its boutique services allows it to develop a very close professional relationship with its clients. It cuts all unnecessary diligences, unnecessary emails and calls. It designs a concrete working plan which will be executed, and the partner in charge of the client or project will provide a personal follow-up. Following what the firm calls Lean Law Philosophy, it aims to do more with less, pursue efficiency in every aspect of what it does, maximise every hour of work, and cut every unnecessary service. It also believes that in order to speak in the same language as every CEO or businessperson, every one of its partners must have business experience and full financial knowledge. This is why most of the firm’s clients blindly trust its lawyers’ advice, because they know the team is highly knowledgeable. Every single member of Lex Legal Mexico’s teammust have studied at least one relevant course or programme in their area of expertise, as well as another in business. There is nothing like a well-aware lawyer, not only in technology and new tendencies, but also in what is happening in the world. Fernando Cordoba, the firm’s Managing Partner is a young entrepreneur lawyer with an MBA. He is highly passionate about the creation of new companies, new technologies, world-changing products and services, and legitimate value creation. He has been acknowledged as one of the most relevant corporate lawyers in Mexico. Lex Legal Mexico’s culture incorporates technology such as AI and different administration platforms. This may seem like a normal thing for any law firm, however, a recent study showed that 63% of lawyers in Latam fail to use some sort of legal software, and 82% said they do not believe in AI applied to legal matters. Lex Legal Mexico simply believes the opposite. Having the opportunity to design the structure of a project, business or transaction, as well as outlining the terms and conditions of what several parties agree to is like building the highway by which the business or transaction will transit. When everything goes smoothly it is because the firm’s lawyers did a great job, and when things go wrong, but negotiations and litigations turn in its favour, it’s because its lawyers managed to anticipate the worst scenarios and establish the conditions so that its clients’ interests are always protected. Indeed, Lex Legal Mexico is a highly successful law firm, but it’s only just getting started. It is currently working on an international expansion plan which includes the opening of its first office in the United States. Being a law firm in Mexico gives it a strategical geographic position for companies that intend to do business in or with the USA, and that is why around 40% of its clients are companies all around Latam, because basically it is the most convenient door to enter the greatest and biggest market in the Western world. It is planned that Lex Legal International will be ready by 2023. Company: Lex Legal Mexico Website: T There is nothing like a well-aware lawyer, not only in technology and new tendencies, but also in what is happening in the world.