Legal Elite Awards 2021

Legal Elite Awards 2021 | 13 Mar21240 The world’s natural resources are a major asset, but one which requires careful protection from a legal perspective. The team behind Saravia Frias & Cornejo Abogados are experts in this field, drawing on years of knowledge to deliver the advice that mining companies desperately need. We take a look at the team, following their success in New World Report’s Legal Elite Awards 2021. Natural Resources Law Firm of the Year - South America Excellence Award for Mining Property Registration & Maintenance Advisory Services - South America ased in Salta Province, Argentina, the team at Saravia Frias & Cornejo Abogados have been an invaluable support to foreign mining companies across Salta, Jujuy, Catamarca, San Juan, La Rioja, Rio Negro, Santa Cruz and Chubut Provinces. For the last eighteen years, they have been the legal choice of many when it comes to the specific needs of the mining industry. The mining industry has its own unique requirements, and by focusing on these needs, the team is able to deliver truly exceptional services. Their members not only advise foreign mining companies in the mining field, but they can provide bespoke knowledge of how to tackle environmental, corporate, contractual, labor and tax matters related to the mining activity. With the ability to take a holistic view, it’s easy to see why Saravia Frias & Cornejo Abogados is trusted so highly and how easily they have been able to provide a boutique service tailored to the needs of each client. From the first day that a company starts operation, the team at Saravia Frias & Cornejo Abogados is on the case, making sure that compliance is clear throughout the structure of the firm. They set up and register the company as well as obtaining the necessary permits such as work visas and mining rights to name but a few. The team’s experience allows them to issue legal opinions for companies that are listed on the stock market abroad, such as in the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Australian Security Exchange. This expertise includes performing legal due diligence for the acquisition of companies as well as mining projects. The mining industry is one that is unique amongst propositions. As operations go, they are generally high-risk, long-term, and capital- intensive. Few projects reach the exploitation stage and if they are lucky enough to do so, it is after having invested a large amount of resources in prospection and exploration. It can take several years before an operation recovers the capital invested and begins to generate profit. The value of turning to Saravia Frias Cornejo & Abogados, therefore, is a guaranteed legal framework that will evaluate the profitability of a project. Despite the bureaucratic nature of the mining industry, the team enjoy finding the right solution for an individual firm. Often, these companies have a great deal of work to do without the additional problems of legal jargon and limitations. Part of the key to the team’s success is not just their position as a specialist in this area, but an ability to quickly adapt themselves to suit the needs of an individual company. The service on offer is built on an attitude of personalization that makes the Saravia Frias & Cornejo Abogados team part of the mining company for as long as they need. Such is the success of the team that they have been sponsored by a client to writing a book which will be translated into Chinese for the markets there. Sharing knowledge such as the main aspects of the team’s legal framework in the mining activity and the differences among Salta, Jujuy and Catamarca legal framework is immensely valuable, and the team are looking forward to providing a quick overview of the legal mining framework in Argentina in general and in Salta, Jujuy and Catamarca in particular. The legal demands on the mining industry are thoroughly unique, but this is a team that is more than capable of tackling them. With such foresight and finesse, they are an ideal addition to any mining company’s legal team and worthy winners in New World Report’s Legal Elite Awards. Company: Saravia Frías|Cornejo Abogados Email: [email protected] Web Address: B