Legal Elite Awards 2021

14 | Legal Elite Awards 2021 Oct20711 Excellence Award in Strategic IP Counselling - District of Columbia Protecting your IP is a greater challenge than it ever has been before, with new technological innovations revolutionizing how people can access and use content. Following his tremendous success in the Legal Elite Awards, we take a look at Darrell G. Mottley to see how he offers strategic advice that not only protects IP now, but long into the future. ased in the Washington D.C. office of Mottley PLLC law firm. Mr. Mottley has become very highly regarded as a leading strategic advisor and counselor for organizations across the US. All businesses are seeing the incredible impact of technology, but it requires a sharp legal mind to ensure that your organization is protected from the potential impact. Mr. Mottley’s work often revolves around the challenges of global intellectual property issues from legal and business perspectives. His clients have ranged enormously, including some of the most cutting- edge start-ups as well as more traditional privately and publicly held companies. The demand for Mr. Mottley’s advice has only grown over the last few years as his expertise in fields such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, internet-related technology, medical devices, and electro-mechanical technologies reflects the needs of more and more businesses. His skill in these areas comes not just from a legal perspective, but from experience within the industry itself. Mr. Mottley was in private practice, in the federal government and a commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force Reserves before becoming a lawyer. This outside view on proceedings is a major benefit to clients, as they know that their legal counsel fully understands the intricacies of what is on offer. For many legal experts, the law is their one and only focus, but true depth of understand is what sets Mr. Mottley apart from the rest of the competition. B While he started out as an engineer, Mr. Mottley’s legal standing is incredibly inspiring. He has led the post of President of the District of Columbia Bar in Washington D.C., during which time he encouraged colleagues to do more for access to justice and pro bono service for those in need. He also chaired the DC Bar Global Legal Practice Task Force studying the impact of globalization on the legal profession. This has granted himmore experience than most in the difficulties of international legal challenges. IP is a topic where this is clearest, with the various laws of different countries creating new and interesting problems that have yet to be solved. While he is currently pushing forward into new and exciting space, Mr. Mottley has also retained a desire to play a proactive part in law and order for other areas of the industry. His abilities as a reputable chair for committees has seen him serving as the Chair of the ABA Standing Committee for Trade in Legal Services, following a stint on the Executive Council, National Conference of Bar Presidents; Council of American Bar Association, Section of Intellectual Property Law; Chair, Editorial Board, American Bar Association, Landslide IP Law. This close relationship with the cutting edge of law is why Mr. Mottley is in such high demand. His determination to explore every aspect of IP law and to offer this holistic approach to clients has brought him incredible success. We celebrate that success, and look forward to the next steps he will take within the industry. Company: Mottley PLLC Name: Darrell Mottley Email: [email protected] 1 | South Am rica Bu iness Awards 2020 Mar21177 For many legal experts, the law is their one and only focus, but true depth of understand is what sets Mr. Mottley apart from the rest of the competition.