Latin America News Q4 2018

LATINAMERICANEWS / Q3 2018 9 , MEX18018 Custom Solutions for Your Company Smart Fiscal Solutions is aMexican company whose general culture is the quality of services and professional practices, focused on achieving the success of each of its clients, helping to reduce the risks of financial capital, Smart Fiscal Solutions is amultidisciplinary team it guarantees strategic solutions raised personally for each client. Yeri Gisela Castillo Bautista takes time to provide a detailed overview of the successful company. Here at Smart Fiscal Solutions, we have three main services: Tax, Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and in the oil sector through National Content (consumption of Mexican products or services), offering proactive solutions in each sector. As the main theme we will take the Petroleum Regulatory project that impacts Mexico during 2018 is national Content, since it was born with the energy reform in 2013, with the purpose of strengthening the domestic market, establishing the obligation for all operators (Oil Companies) to consume Mexican goods and services, but the complexity of the calculation involves exposing oneself to an onerous sanction. The energy reform implies a series of additional regulations applied to service providers that provide national content to oil companies, which must comply with minimum requirements such as guaranteeing fiscal compliance, paying taxes, registering their appropriate commercial practices, implementing a system of administration, meet basic security requirements, this opens the door for them to belong to a select group of private companies that can become Direct Suppliers in the world of Petroleum. From this project, which has become the stellar economic theme of Mexico, we must analyze the areas of opportunities that the company has and therefore develop a diagnosis to implement solutions; we help to comply with the rules established for the supplier, in turn we turn them into competitive entrepreneurs in the oil and gas sector. Smart Fiscal Solutions, is a company that remains at the forefront, since it has certified consultants and instructors, guaranteeing quality services, the team is constantly trained; We are competitive in this shark business world, managing to take firm steps in the path of success that we have set. Finally, here at Smart Fiscal Solutions, we are a company that can be offered from a continuous consultancy to prevent and reduce risks of error or lack of information, which implies a sanction and become an audit, until the implementation of a software guaranteeing the protection of your information, since everything is installed on the server of each company. In summary we are a versatile company that works with continuous improvements to stand out for our intellectual work, honesty and loyalty for our clients. Contact: Yeri Gisela Castillo Bautista Company: Smart Fiscal Solutions IOS offices 2nd. Floor DG Tower, AV. Ruiz Cortinez 1344 Villahermosa, Col. Tabasco 2000, Tabasco. C.P. 86035 Mexico Telephone: 55 9932332219 Email: [email protected] Web address: