Latin America News Q4 2018

8 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Q3 2018 , Providing World Class Solutions InnoCentro was born as aMulti discipline Engineering firm, which brings support to a variety of cabin interiors furniture design and development. Recently, we profiled the firmand spoke to Sergio Segura Cisneros who provided us with a detailed insight into the firm. Established in 2012, InnoCentro, a world- class leader in its branch, is one of the first cabin interior firm which is 100% Mexican owned and that innovates with award winning concepts internationally, attending markets where their expertise results in converting ideas into global solutions. Now, the firm has manufacturing capacities to build dreams into tangible award- winning products. Going into further detail about the work the firm do, Sergio and the types of clients that they work with. “To work in InnoCentro is to work with a Certified company where our methods and procedures are documented, any single piece of information that the customer provides, or we research for them, is a piece of information that will be evaluated analysed inspected, checked verified and approved, in order to have the best solution available to our customers.” InnoCentro partners with numerous suppliers and customers from a diverse range of industries. When working on new project, the firm keep in mind the end user that is going to use the product. It is a paramount objective, as such InnoCentro use their project management software called ‘Bluestar’ - an ERP system which automates every single aspect of the project development and management. By using this alongside their quality system based in AS9100 and ISO9001, any single aspect of the quality measurement of their products and services is dealt with swiftly and efficiently. When discussing the current state of the sector, Sergio explains the key developments which are affecting the firm and how InnoCentro are adapting around these changes. “Nowadays, being isolated of innovation and product development is not an option. Substitute products, services, cloud computing, paperless solutions, to name a few have become a new area of competition in the technology arena. For us, this has opened numerous doors, along with nanotechnologies that projects and innovates our products and services, which in turn enable us to develop into a company of multiple choices of award winning products.” Reflecting on the internal culture at the firm, Sergio is keen to highlight how he ensures the clients they partner with receive the best possible service from their staff. “Most of the integrated philology consist in our values. Which is why, we have levelled our staff to think ahead using quality systems to satisfy our customers. Additionally, being accountable, going beyond expectations, being flexible and responsible in our decisions and actions are also beneficial to both us and our clients.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Sergio signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the award- winning firm. “The year 2019 is going to be a very interesting and exceptional year for us. With many changes to our operation, both expansions and projections for 2025 are all accordingly planned with a strategic road mapping and business plan.” Company: InnoCentro Aeroespacial SC Contact: Sergio Segura Cisneros Address: Calle Júpiter 182-B PIMSA I Col Alamitos Mexicali Baja California Mexico CP 21210 Telephone: +52 686 2428234 Web Address: MEX18021