Business Awards 2019

LATINAMERICANEWS / Latin America Business Awards 2019 9 , Secon Security Concept S.A Best Security Systems Design & Development Company 2019 Security canmean a lot of different things tomany different people. For some, it represents a password-protected phone, whilst others may think of a burglar alarm. Regardless of the form it takes, security helps people feel protected. In the historic region of Monserrat in Argentina, one firmhas established a new concept of security. Unearth the secrets behind SECON Security Concept S.A’s success as we take a closer look at the firm in Latin America News’ Business Awards 2019. Formed at the end of 2005, SECON has just then inaugurated its very first Latin American Wireless Integral Security System in the revamped dockland area of Puerto Madero, a barrio of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Thus, the system made history as it transformed Puerto Madero into one of the first electronically- protected areas of Argentina. The system worked in conjunction with local and national police forces, enabling urban monitoring through WiFi, on a scale which hadn’t been seen before. Fifteen years on, the firm remains a beacon of CCTV and security services across the country, boasting the most experience with these kinds of systems in the entire region. Since the initial implementation of the firm’s first system in Puerto Madero, SECON has expanded rapidly to develop a wealth of integral security systems both on a national and international level. Focusing heavily on prevention, deterrence, and immediate response, SECON’s security systems provide much- needed answers to problems in municipalities, port terminals, private neighborhoods, and companies. Currently, the firm is working to develop smart cities, partnering with clients from the barrios of Buenos Aires to bring about growth for the towns in the region. The security systems that SECON develop are focused on addressing three core areas: the reduction of crime, assisting Dec19039 citizens with events that may affect well-being and daily living, and improvement in the quality of management of agencies using the system. Each system comes complete with a myriad of integral components to help achieve these objectives. From dome- shaped camera systems and panic buttons on public roads, to monitoring rooms and information transmissions, SECON’s ability to create systems that make neighborhoods that much safer is unmatched in Latin America. In trying to address these needs, the firm has succeeded in connecting residents, shops, and industries with local neighborhood councils. This has not only met the client’s needs for security and preventative measures against crime, but has also provided some necessary tools for daily life including free public internet access spots. Whilst simultaneously addressing crime and security, SECON has enabled members of the general public and working companies the ability to stay connected anywhere in a covered region. Despite the emphasis on delivering state-of-the-art security systems in neighborhoods across Argentina, SECON’s core philosophy remains on delivering security for its clients. People want to feel safe in their homes and workplaces, and these systems enable people to feel that way. However, it has not always been smooth sailing for SECON. As an Argentinian company, it has faced great economic difficulty in recent years. Carefully managing its resources whilst maintaining a high capacity for adaptation, SECON continues to survive despite challenges. Flexible management and an openness to cultural, economic and technological change have also meant that the firm constantly remains keenly aware of future developments within the industry. 2019 saw great technological advances made in electronic security, including higher definition in video cameras, longer ranges on antennas, and faster safe transmission of data. However, it was arguably the advancements in artificial intelligence which were the most revolutionary for SECON and its clients. The firm has begun to implement facial recognition technology, license plate recognition, and other forms of analytic software to help generate intelligent systems that are pioneering the development of smart cities. Looking to the future, 2020 will hopefully see SECON implement the very first smart city in Latin America, alongside the development of the largest fibre optic ring in the region. As well as the aforementioned plans, the firm is also looking to contribute to border security and generate strategic alliances with foreign companies. With the release of 5G technology to improve communications, and the worldwide focus on renewable energies for environmental protection, there is much to be done for SECON in the next twelve months. Ultimately, technology is only to set continue advancing and people are going to continue wanting security. The future holds great potential for the team at SECON as they seek to make more history in and around Argentina. Whether that is through the development of the region’s first smart city, or the continuing assurance of peace and security for years to come, this Argentinian firm will continue to achieve great things. Company: Secon Security Concept S.A Contact: Carolina Avellaneda Website :