Business Awards 2019

8 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Latin America Business Awards 2019 , The Office Gurus Best Global Call Center & Business Process Outsourcing Provider 2019 The Office Gurus (TOG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of a 100-year-old publicly traded company, Superior Group of Companies. Having recently been recognized by the Latin America Business Awards 2019, we decided to take a closer look at the remarkable work the firmdelivers, as well as catching up with TOG’s President Dominic Leide to find out more. Having started as a five-person captive outsourcing experiment by the firm’s publicly traded parent company, TOG now employs an impressive nearly 2000 Gurus across five sites in four different countries. Today, TOG provides inbound and outbound voice, chat, email and SMS contact center solutions to more than 40 client from across more than 15 industries, from their contact centers in Belize, El Salvador, Jamaica, and the United States. Nov19055 Throughout the years, the outsourcing industry has gradually evolved into a global multi-billion dollar, which is sadly crowded with too many contact center outsourcers who look, feel and even sound the same. Therefore, differentiation in this industry can be difficult; however, at TOG, it is easy, as Dominic reveals. “TOG is a scalable, nimble, and reliable contact center partner that offers its customers a turnkey inbound/outbound multi-channel contact center solution. You’ll hear other vendors talk about being a “partner”, not a “vendor”, but very few outsourced contact centers know how to live up to this. We do. We know when to say “no”, how to set expectations, and how to deliver solutions based on our collaborative efforts with our clients. Our people are their people. All of our agents, leadership team, contact centers, etc., are an open book and an open door to our clients, because we are an extension of them.” In addition to the extraordinary team, another factor in how firm is able to provide their clients with such a personalized service, which caters to their needs and the goals they wish to achieve, is through the use of the latest technology available in the industry. Detailing how using the most advanced technology in the industry has proven to be beneficial to the firm, Dominic informs us about which programmes in particular have consistently delivered positive results. “Here at TOG, we are always on the lookout for new technology and tools that will provide both our agents and our customers’ customers with a better overall experience. Whether it be speech analytics, Work Force Management tools, noise reduction software, knowledge base solutions, gamification - our ultimate goal is to provide our agents with the tools they need to ensure that their interactions with the customers we support as seamless and positive as possible.” Having recently opened their newest contact center location in Kingston, Jamaica, the future looks bright for the team at TOG as they continue on their path to be leaders within this dynamic industry. Looking ahead, Dominic and the team at TOG are excited about creating a culture that reflects what they have already created in El Salvador and Belize. Bringing the interview to a close, Dominic signs off by hinting at what the future has in store for the firm, touching on what it means to the team to have been recognized as the best global call center & business process outsourcing provider for 2019. “Overall, we are extremely blessed to have really great people who have a passion for doing the right thing every time, and becoming true brand ambassadors for our clients. Are we perfect, of course not, but our people show up every day with a commitment to excellence that is extremely hard to replicate. This award is a testament to them and to the partnerships that we have created over the past 10 years!” Contact: Dominic Leide Company: The Office Gurus Telephone: 727 803 7114 Web: