Business Awards 2019

LATINAMERICANEWS / Latin America Business Awards 2019 5 , Fábio Martins de Andrade Best Tax Law Practice – Brazil & Award for Excellence in Domestic & International Tax Litigation 2019 Finding experts who are able to guide you through the various complications of tax law is easier said than done. Presenting clients with solutions to these potential problems is Andrade Advogados Associados. Having carved a career over 35 years, we took a closer look at this law practice in the light of its award-winning success. Operating out of Brazil, Andrade Advogados Associados have grown remarkably since being established. Working out of four offices in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Belo Horizonte, the firm of lawyers is able to handle work from a domestic to an international level, bringing an incredible amount of range to their considerable ability. Mainly focused in tax law, both litigation and advising, Andrade Advogados Associados have become recognized in the industry thanks to handling cases before the Brazilian Supreme Court and the High Court of Justice, dealing with constitutional matters and legal matters respectively. This has allowed the law firm to work alongside selected clients on specific cases. Most of the time, these clients are multinationals and wealthy individuals requiring customized and highly specialized solutions to specific problems. This personal approach is taken throughout the business, with the two main partners – Dr. André and Fábio Martins de Andrade – paying close attention to the coordination and review of all materials delivered to the law firm. As they take a major hand in every aspect of the firm, it establishes that everyone is expected and required to contribute. One of the most Nov19150 interesting aspects of this firm’s work culture is that everyone is encouraged to look at everything all the time. This gives a range of varying opinions that color how a case is covered. Every lawyer in the firm is a partner and are urged to act like one. Andrade Advogados Associados makes a strength of its size. Taking a different approach to other companies that seem determined to grow exponentially, this firm maintains what its leadership considers the ideal number of lawyers, with 12-15. While technology has allowed a huge amount of interconnectedness, building bridges over large distances, it is not used for much more. While the competition has taken to mass production litigation software. The team do run their company on a tailor-made base but are fully against the growth of software that does a lawyer’s job for them. The demonstrable expertise in tax litigation goes all the way back to 1992, where the law firm won the first of many leading cases before the Supreme Court. All these leading cases were won in the taxpayer’s interests. This success has led to other law firms requesting the services of Andrade Advogados Associados, with these offices usually being locally or regionally scope. Improving this service is currently a priority for this long-running firm. Looking ahead for this successful firm, the biggest change for the company probably comes from the country itself. Brazil has undergone a great deal of political change recently, with a great deal of uncertainty that has decreased as stability returns. The new government promised important reforms in political agenda including tax reforms estimated to 2020. These changes in approach of Brazilian political agenda should create a better environment for foreigner and domestic investors and businesses in general, resuming the economic growth next year. In short, it’s no surprise that Andrade Advogados Associados has grown into such a tremendous success. With 35 years of history behind it, handling complex and high-profile cases, what remains throughout all the change is a commitment to hard work and impressive ethical standards. It’s the focus on the client that lifts this firm above and beyond. Contact: Fábio Martins de Andrade Company: Andrade Advogados Associados Web: Email: [email protected] Telephone: +55 11 3704 3710