Business Awards 2019

4 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Latin America Business Awards 2019 , Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados Best Luxury Residential Interiors Architecture Firm 2019 When it comes to design, it pays to get the best. A home isn’t just where you live, it’s a reflection of your very being. This is something that the award-winning FernandaMarques understands, with her designs often calling onwhat her clients would prefer rather than the imposition of her own style. Curious about how she, and her teamat FernandaMarques Arquitectos Associados managed to produce such stunning work, we caught up with Fernanda to find out more. Winning this award has been a huge thrill for Fernanda. ‘I feel extremely satisfied and honored, especially in the face of my competitors and the breadth of the award, since we are not talking just about Brazil, but all of Latin America.’ Having been noted as one to watch in Latin America News’ sister publication, BUILD, it’s of no surprise to anyone that Fernanda’s success has transcended magazines. Spending her days developing residential and commercial architectural and interior projects, her business has been an incredible success. Fernanda is one of Latin America’s foremost designers, Nov19176 and her firm reflects her client-focused approach and attitude. We asked Fernanda what she considered the key to her success. ‘Rather than imposing my personal style, I try to hear a lot about what my clients have to say,’ she explains. ‘Only then I do establish the assumptions of each project. I believe interactivity at all levels of the project is the keyword, as well as respect for the individual inclinations of each client.’ Respect for individual clients, without never missing her undeniable lightness and innate sense of sophistication, has allowed Fernanda the opportunity to work for a range of different projects, with varying audiences and purposes. Switching from residential architecture to showcase apartments for real estate developers, handling small family requests in the same way as a large corporation, Fernanda has an amazing ability to adapt to what other people need, which is why she remains in such high demand. When asked what makes her firm a true trailblazer, Fernanda observed that catering to individual clients has been assisted by the development of technology, with creative ideas and solutions suddenly becoming a much more reasonable option. ‘It has also enabled us to extend our business proposition far beyond its traditional remit,’ she adds quickly, ‘allowing us to offer a more complete and qualified service to our clients.’ Through ongoing cooperation and communication, Fernanda knows that she is able to deliver a tailor-made product that covers all project dimensions and is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. ‘I believe this sets us apart,’ she smiles. Working in Latin America has presented Fernanda with an interesting set of challenges, as she does not operate across the whole area. ‘My own country, Brazil, has numerous peculiarities,’ she explains. ‘It ranges from an advanced urban center like São Paulo, where I live and work, to huge unpopulated and almost wild areas, such as the Amazon. I work nationally, but I have works completed in Miami and Panama City. Thus, it is a region with countless possibilities, but to have a successful experience I believe that is essential to have a clear idea of the particularities of each location.’ Rising to this challenge is an immense challenge, but one that must be faced to grow across the subcontinent. It is also one of the most appealing aspects of the story. Looking forward, Fernanda sees the growing interest in sustainability ideals as having a major impact on her work. ‘That’s why I tried to train my associates to come up with sustainable solutions for their home and work environments,’ she tells us. ‘It is important to me that they are ready to answer any questions from my clients in this regard or even able to adapt to them.’ It’s a matter that doesn’t simply apply to Fernanda’s industry, but one that she sees society moving towards through social manifestation. Fernanda’s work at her company is inspiring, built on the bespoke, customized for the client. Combining an excellent eye with incredible business acumen, she has seen where the future is going and is already making moves to get there. The luxury market can be fickle, but Fernanda’s constant adaptation is sure to keep her on top. Company: Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados Contact: arquitetura@ Web Address: Instagram: fernandamarquesarquiteta Telephone: +55 (11) 3849-3000