2017 Brazilian Excellence Awards

LATINAMERICANEWS / Brazilian Excellence Awards 2017 13 , Samel - Servicos De Assistencia Medico Hospitalar ltda. Samel Hospital is aManaus based establishment dedicated to providing the very highest standards of healthcare. We profile the hospital to learnmore. Fully certificated by the National Accreditation Organization (ONA), an important organization that certifies quality standards in the health area of Brazil, Hospital Samel, established on November 20, 1981, with its headquarters in the city center of Manaus, Amazonas, is a general hospital of high complexity care and referral in pediatric and obstetric care, which has been offering high quality medical and hospital care services for 36 years. Combining tradition and modernity in the service of well-being, Samel Hospital has a large infrastructure with advanced technology, a highly specialized multi-professional team, 24-hour assistance and certifications that attest to the efficiency of the hospital’s processes, demonstrating standards of excellence and safety for its clients. clients and professionals at national level. With a wide and modern infrastructure comprising a Hospital, Maternity, Adult Care, Child Care, Laboratory, Adult Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Diagnostic Imaging Center, Surgical Center and a New Hospital Unit, called the “Oscar Nicolau Unit”, Samel offers a series of services, such as ambulatory care, diagnostic exams, hospitalizations and surgeries of medium and high complexity, and has a modern Medical Center located in the East Side of the city, offering greater quality and exclusivity in the care of their patients. To ensure excellence for patients, Samel Hospital is the only one in the North Region that has ISO 14001 Certification. It is highlighted in the Management Category by the PQA - Quality Program of Amazonas, has Diamond Prime Certifications in Skin Injuries and Safe Fixation, and Full Certificate by ONA - National Organization of Accreditation. Alongside its work in healthcare, Samel also works to preserve nature, as well as reduce its environmental impacts. As such, the hospital is the pioneer in the State of Amazonas, and aims to inaugurate a totally sustainable hospital unit. Among the innovations that the hospital has and which stands out in front of other medical-hospital centers, is its LED bulbs, which are used throughout the facility. Additionally, at Samel, the facility implements the retention and use of rainwater, which will be stored and used; the use of photovoltaic solar panels, which capture the sun’s rays by transforming them into solar energy, allowing the generation; and the use of the energy itself, and the use of air conditioning with “Inverter” technology, designed to reduce energy consumption. Technology is at the core of this environmentally friendly approach, and the same is also true of the hospital’s healthcare services. State-of-the-art equipment helps diagnose and treat various diseases, which provides patients with more effective care. The institution also has systems that optimize care, such as a system of electronic passwords and an intelligent nursing facility, which facilitates communication between the patient and the nursing posts. Ultimately, Samel brings tradition and modernity to its mark, having solidity, since it has been in the healthcare industry for 36 years, contributing to the evolution of the segment. Compared to its competitors, the institution stands out for having modern and differentiated physical structures, operating with point technology and humanized care. To build upon this success, moving forward the hospital will be expanding into the city of Manaus. This new, modern hospital, to be located in the south-central area of the capital, will be a reference center for the whole of the North Region of the country, which will considerably increase the service capacity of the institution and support the local community. Most Advanced Healthcare Provider - North Brazil BRA17005 Company: Samel - Servicos De Assistencia Medico Hospitalar ltda. Contact: Julianne Nicolau Email: [email protected] Address: Av. Joaquim Nabuco, Manaus, 1755, Brazil Phone: 0055 92 2129 2200 Website: www.samel.com.br

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