2017 Brazilian Excellence Awards

12 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Brazilian Excellence Awards 2017 , Pesola Pecas Usinadas Aeronauticas Ltda PESOLA is specialized inmanufacturing small andmediumaluminummachined parts for aircraft structures. Eduardo Roxo gives us a breakdown of the firm’s services and discusses its success. Founded in 2004, PESOLA belongs to the SONACA Group, its mother company from Belgium, and has produced small and medium aluminum parts to SONACA, SOBRAER, EMBRAER, AIRBUS and AERNNOVA for the aircraft programs of AIRBUS, DASSAULT and EMBRAER. Eduardo describes how the firm starts work on a new project and approaches new clients, explaining what steps the firm takes to ensure that the overall come matches, and sometimes surpasses the clients’ expectations. “Here at PESOLA, we do deep critical analyses of the drawings and specifications of the customer’s products, as well as the desired volume and deadlines. This way we are able to prepare a complete and good Industrial Plan, focusing investments, in case it is necessary.” Integrating technology into its work, PESOLA ensures that its staff operates at maximum efficiency. The team are constantly monitoring its staff and technology, ensuring productivity levels are high, as Eduardo alludes to. “Essentially, our system controls all the production procedures, from the development, manufacturing until delivery, allowing us a constant monitoring in terms of efficiency, productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).” Referring to the success of the company, Eduardo points out that the internal culture within PESOLA is a key ingredient in this success. Staff follow all the firm’s values, and work hard to reach the same targets and mission. This culture trickles down from the top of the company. “PESOLA’s main culture of meeting customer’s needs, working as a team and doing our best, are all basic values, which have been ingrained into the company since it started. We reinforce these values periodically through seminars, training, lectures and social events. The commitment these values bring make our team strong and willing to grow.” Talking us through the sector its current state, Eduardo discusses the key developments affecting PESOLA and other firms within the industry, before telling us about the state of the Brazilian corporate landscape currently, making specific reference to the city in which the company operates, Sao Paulo. “Brazil has been passing through a generalized economic and political crisis, so besides working harder to overcome this situation, we have also tried to reach new markets such as the North American, more specifically BOEING and BOMBARDIER. PESOLA is dedicated to the aeronautical sector and the city, in which we operate, São José Dos Campos, is the biggest Technological Centre in Brazil, especially in the aeronautical business. EMBRAER, our main customer, is also located in this town.” Differentiating itself from its competitors is integral as the company wants to continue to be successful. Marking itself out as the best possible option for clients, Eduardo believes its complete package of products will help it continue to be successful in the future. “There are many competitors in the milling sector in Brazil, but PESOLA has conditions to offer complete package of products, including raw material, assembly and surface treatment as well.” Ultimately, Eduardo predicts what the future has in store for PESOLA. He tells us about the company’s focus currently, but leads us to believe that the firm will look to expand its offerings and services into new areas. Eduardo signs off by explaining how an integration of three companies will allow the company to further establish itself as a leader in the company. “Moving forward, our main focus at moment is to extend our service to the North American and increase our sales in the European market. Besides PESOLA, SONACA Group, has two other companies in Brazil: SOPEÇAERO (sheet metal parts) and SOBRAER (structure assembly). The integration of these three companies allow us to offer a vast range of aeronautical products to customers.” Best Aluminum Aircraft Parts Manufacturer 2017 BRA17001 Company: Pesola Pecas Usinadas Aeronauticas Ltda Contact: Eduardo Roxo Email: [email protected] Address: Rue Jose dos Campos 270, Bairro Jardin Morumbi, Sao Jose dos Campos, 12236-660, Brazil Phone: +55 12 3939-8481

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