Andean State Awards 2018

LATINAMERICANEWS / Andean State Business Excellence Awards 2018 13 has been introduced, often by at least 80 to 90%, presenting major challenges for would-be counterfeiters. Durability is another compelling advantage. Guardian™ lasts three to five times longer in the same circulating conditions, which provides major cost savings for central banks. The polymer notes are also completely waterproof – whether in saltwater, fresh water or the washing machine. Guardian™ is also 75% cleaner as it carries less bacteria and can be wiped clean, making it a more hygienic and long-lasting option. There are also green benefits, as it is proved to be up to 60% more eco-friendly across all nine internationally-accepted measures of environmental impact. As the notes are recyclable and have improved longevity, Guardian™ contributes to a significant reduction in a central bank’s carbon footprint; an increasingly important factor to the way organisations operate now and into the future. Innovator in this space CCL Secure offers a suite of advisory services to prepare central banks for the transition to ‘plastic’ banknotes as part of its PolyTeQ central bank and print services division. PolyTeQ recently acted as a trusted consultant to the Central Bank of Nicaragua and offered advice and assistance to make the transition simpler. The central bank intended to implement a recycling function with its new series to avoid incinerating worn-out currency as it did with its paper banknotes – and the award-winning Guardian™ Global Recycling Program with the collaboration of PolyTeQ and local recyclers turned this vision into reality. The recycling program has experienced rapid adoption by customers around the world with more than 50% of the central banks that issue Guardian™ actively recycling 100% of their used polymer notes, and more than 60% of security printers also actively recycling. A long way from the very first Australian $10 polymer banknote, CCL Secure continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the industry. The polymer banknote has exciting new developments in store for its future. Looking ahead, over the coming years, Guardian™ polymer will also be used for the new UK 20-pound notes, as well as the new full family of Australian denominations with the next- generation top-to-bottom window feature. The increasing use of big data will allow central banks to improve their processes relating to implementing policy and managing supply and demand. Big data provides a better understanding of cash demand, resulting in the ability to manage supply more efficiently as well as cost effectively, and analyse a banknote’s durability and security during its lifecycle. To support the industry through these developments, CCL Secure will continue to collaborate with other industry experts to harness this opportunity and support central banks in their journeys, providing the best possible solutions for central banks. Best Polymer Banknote Substrate Provider 2018 g Company: CCL Secure Contact: Pilar Ruperti Email: [email protected] Website: