Andean State Awards 2018

12 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Andean State Business Excellence Awards 2018 , CCL Secure As the adoption of Guardian™ polymer substrate grows in Latin America, how did Guardian™ polymer become the world’s most advanced banknote substrate?We explore how the Canadian-owned firmwith plants in Australia, Mexico and England, CCL Secure, has been helping drive this unique solution to success. Australians experienced a historic moment in the evolution of currency in 1988 with the introduction of the first polymer banknote – aka ‘plastic money’. Having launched 30 years ago, Australian millennials have never known paper notes. Most people use polymer banknotes in their everyday lives without much thought about their momentous history. The first polymer commemorative 10 dollar note marked the nation’s bicentenary. It was a result of 20 years’ research into how to ‘build a better banknote’ in order to fight the counterfeiting that was experienced following the introduction of the new Australian decimal system of currency. The note featured the world’s first transparent window and hologram, making it the most secure banknote of its time. What now seems ‘normal’ to the more than 20 countries using banknotes issued on Guardian™ polymer substrate, including Chile, Mexico and Nicaragua, the security features and enhanced durability seen on the first polymer note set an unprecedented paradigm in banknote design and manufacture. More series issued on Guardian™ polymer were quick to follow the new $10 note throughout the 90s, including the full family of Australian, New Zealand and Romanian denominations, a number of series in Brunei, Thailand and Indonesia, as well as numerous commemorative series all around the world. Move forward to 2018 and CCL Secure’s Guardian™ is currently issued on over 80 denominations in 24 countries. More than 55 billion Guardian™ banknotes have been produced to date. The uptake of polymer has continued to rise since its introduction with an average of more than five new denomination designs on Guardian™ each year – which is no surprise given the significant benefits over cotton-paper and coated-paper banknotes. Published data from banks and bank-commissioned studies have found that Guardian™ polymer banknote substrate is more secure, durable, clean and eco-friendly. The proprietary Clarity™C base film, along with the embedded and printed market-leading security and design features, make Guardian™ the most advanced banknote substrate in the world. The rates of counterfeiting are significantly lower across every market in which Guardian™ BRA17004