Latin America News Q2 2018

LATINAMERICANEWS / Q2 2018 25 Blasting News Brazil Announces Appointment of Dado Lancellotti as Chief Executive Officer g curators responsible to check the news stories before they are published, avoiding fake content or misleading information, and recurring challenges on any person-to-person platform such as YouTube and Facebook. To influencers, so-called Social Blasters, Blasting News allows to participate in spreading the news and getting paid for the distribution, so that the content engages a larger engaged readership. Technology is patented and fundamental to business because it supports the entire value chain against fake traffic and fake news. “Soon, new products will be introduced and will join Blasting360 and BlastingVR for virtual reality. New technologies, focusing on communities, so that publishers can go back to become content producers, will also be launched,” Lancellotti adds.