Latin America News Q2 2018

24 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Q2 2018 , Blasting News Brazil Announces Appointment of Dado Lancellotti as Chief Executive Officer Blasting News, one of the world’s largest online news platform, recently announced the appointment of Dado Lancellotti as Chief Executive Officer of Blasting News Brazil. Dado Lancellotti has 24 years of experience in the communication market, with a recognized trajectory ahead of digital media projects and in the advertising field. He was a co-founder, commercial and marketing director at Rede Record’s R7 portal, having participated in the construction and development of the project. In addition, he was a member of the Fischer Group, having been vice president and responsible for the operation of Fischer America, as well as managing the Group’s live marketing and content business with Total On Demand and Gogoland. He was also CEO of Vírgula, co-founder of Viajo. com, and worked for four years at Loducca. Dado will be leading the Brazilian sector which is one the first international markets from Blasting News. With impressive numbers, Blasting News has more than 102 million unique visitors globally per month, more than 2,5 million subscribed blasters around the globe, publishing more than 25,000 news stories per month and 20,000 videos per month. Andrea Manfredi, Global CEO of Blasting News, celebrates Dado’s arrival: “We are extremely excited to have Dado on board and leading the operations in Brazil. We believe that thanks to his great experience and deep knowledge of the market, he will drive Blasting News Brazil to a great success.” André Zimmermann, partner and co-founder of Blasting News’s Brazilian operation, welcomes Dado too: “We are all very happy with the arrival of the Dado to Blasting News Brazil. I’ve known him for many years and have worked together on other projects. I am sure that his great experience in leading commercial and communication teams, as well as his entrepreneurial spirit, will add much to the project that deserved someone from the dimension of Dado to lead the operation.” The mission of the CEO is to reinforce the commitment of social, democratic and meritocratic journalism while strengthening the platform’s monetization, expanding its reach and promoting the use of company technologies. In a scenario where the Internet gives people a definitive voice, and they begin to produce content as well, the prosumers, Blasting News introduces social journalism. “We gave people a voice because for us, their opinion counts. Of course, along with that, comes the challenge of curatorship, but that is why we have a technological platform and professionals that participate in this ecosystem by editing and attesting our content”, explains Dado Lancellotti, CEO of Blasting News Brazil. The most important premise of Blasting News is to be an online news platform made by people, for the people which the public’s voice really matters. Blasting News is an all-in-one platform where production and distribution of contents work together: its main goal is to develop systems that promote the dissemination of information. To get an idea, 40% of the global team is focused on developing technologies to improve the readers ‘and collaborators’ experience. The writers, so-called Blasters, are independent and remunerated according to the engagement of the news they publish. To the writers, Blasting News provides total editorial freedom. However, there are professional content