Global Wedding Awards 2022

Page 28 LUX 2022 Global Wedding Awards Rememberies is a family-run company based in Essex which provides high quality musical entertainment for weddings and events across the UK. Every musician has been auditioned by the company’s owner, William Gilbert, and is of the highest calibre. The company provides DJs, functions bands, pianists, percussionists, and saxophone players, all to give clients a great range of ideas in order to plan their event. Rememberies Most Trusted Wedding Band & DJ Hire Business - UK Mar22448 Since 2017, Rememberies has been working with couples to capture their special day exactly the way they want it. Over the years of working in the wedding music entertainment industry, the Rememberies team has learned that every couple is different. Some want a big affair with multiple musicians and dancefloor accessories, while others prefer a more intimate gathering with a less full-on approach. Whatever you are looking for in terms of wedding music and entertainment, Rememberies can help you get it. Rememberies’ staff and freelance musicians are incredible. Its office team has a huge love for giving clients exactly what they want. If a client has a vision for an event, every team member will work tirelessly until it is made a reality, just the way they imagined it. William says, “Our musicians have been auditioned by myself, and I’m very proud to have such talented and reliable people play under the Rememberies name and reputation. They are incredibly important, and we simply would not be where we are without each and every one of them.” With a happy, free-spirited approach to most things, Rememberies is incredibly customerfocused and enjoys working together to provide each client with the wedding or event of their dreams. However, while Rememberies is hugely successful, it did experience great struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic. William tells us, “COVID-19 was absolutely devastating for us, as it was for everyone working in the industry. To help stay alive, most of our team and musicians worked multiple jobs, day and night. It wasn’t until 24th June 2021 that we were actually legally allowed to do our first wedding back, but since then it’s been absolutely crazy busy. We are so, so glad to be back doing what we do best.” The company is now super excited to be looking towards the future, with 2022 being a record-breaking year, having booked over 100 events in the calendar. It also has a plan to push further into festivals and festival weddings in 2023 and 2024, which is all very exciting! Company: Rememberies Contact: William Gilbert Email: [email protected] Website: