Global Wedding Awards 2022

Page 26 LUX 2022 Global Wedding Awards James Robinson, the mind behind Adept Imagery, has made a name for himself with his consistently exemplary artistic prowess and the expert eye that characterises his work. Able to provide wedding photography that will capture both posed and candid shots in such a way that will allow a client to remember the best bits of their special day, his expertise is something that has earned him trust, notoriety, and respect from both clients and peers. Adept Imagery Wedding Photographer of the Year (West Midlands): James Robinson Apr22044 Adept Imagery is the business of wedding photographer and artistically focused professional James Robinson. Fundamentally, his work focuses on the small range of wedding photography packages he offers, having worked hard to ensure that each of these packages covers a wide range of comprehensive elements in order to reassure clients that the memories of their big day will be well preserved. Typically, his services cover the full day from start to finish, and he has been able to ingratiate himself with people from all walks of life and all manner of wedding parties as a result of this, able to use his amicable and respectful temperament to get along well with guests and work seamlessly with the marrying couple. With reviews, comments, and word-of-mouth referrals often pointing to his well-presented appearance, his attitude, and his results as reasons why they recommend him to friends and family after the fact, he has been able to grow his business in a sustainable manner. Therefore, his 10-14 hour stints with couples are characterised by fun, charisma, and artistic integrity that shows off the personality of the couple. It is very important to James that his work can capture a still form of their individuality, showing the couple’s dynamic and allowing them to remember both the big milestones of the occasion and the quiet, more intimate moments. Moreover, he focuses on delivery being within time and utterly spectacular, every time. If the client isn’t totally satisfied, neither is he, and it is this attitude that has earned Adept Imagery a reputation for striving for the best results possible, resulting in a trajectory towards greater success that shows no signs of stopping. Thus, he was able to make it through the pandemic and pick right up where he left off with photographing his couples as the wedding industry gets moving once again, looking forward to the rest of the weddings he is to attend in 2022 and enjoying the challenge of a busy year. Company: Adept Imagery Contact: James Robinson Website: