Global Wedding Awards 2022 Page 25 LUX 2022 Global Wedding Awards Well established as the Best Wedding Floral Design Artist in Northeast Texas, 5C Custom Creations works with a plethora of people and, because of this, conducts themselves in a manner in which they maintain respect and reliability for every individual and their visiting needs. Expanding on the company’s offerings, Monica Coffman, the original Founder and leader of the business, states, “5C Custom Creations is a small family-owned business that my daughter Jorden Anderson and I partner in to lead the company in designing lifetime floral designs for our client’s wedding. Prior to 2022, we offered full-service floral design but are moving more toward specializing in a la cart services. This will allow us to expand our customer market as we will be able to provide services all over and not just within our local areas. Moreover, we will still have the ability to offer full-service design but on a more exclusive basis.” At 5C, the overall priority of the business is that of care – taking care of its customers, their needs and supporting them in all their floral requirements with a genuine understanding and love for quality products and design. Named after the original five founding legacy members, Randy, Monica, Jorden, Curtis and Kasey Coffman, 5C Custom Creations originated as a statement of family. Now regarded as the Best Wedding Floral Design Artist in Northeast Texas, 5C was established to share a sense of values such as creativity and community, prioritizing family and family identity as the core and founding business principles that hold up the inner integrity of the company. Mar22655 5C Custom Creations, LLC Best Wedding Floral Design Artist (Northeast Texas): Monica Coffman “Our goal is to eliminate one less stress for our couples from the planning of your wedding to allow you more time to enjoy your engagement together. Your wedding day is important, but the time you spend up until that day is just as valuable so let us take care of the details in creating your floral designs. We will handle all the details so you can fully enjoy your engagement,” adds Monica. Skillfully designing some of the most gorgeous bouquets, arrangements, and centrepieces for any theme and colour scheme, 5C is able to give customers a vibrant and romantic floral fixation that captures the essence of the occasion without taking away from any important moments – from the first kiss and first dances to showering loved ones in the petals of the occasion, 5C will bring a refreshing scene that will be remembered for generations. Currently, 5C is in the midst of changing its property as a venue location, not just for weddings but for corporate or family events. Monica explains the impending change, saying, “We have been working on establishing campsites on our property to be able to bring in clients that want to create a corporate team weekend or a simple family gathering. Additionally, this past year we had the pleasure of creating an outdoor ceremony area - a concrete slab available to rent with an event tent or simply use exposed as desired. Our future goal is to build a barn on this slab to provide more versatility with weather conditions. So as 2022 continues, our focus is to finish this year with our expansion in our store location and continue to complete more projects on our event property location.” With big plans on the way, 5C is blooming on its success, one event at a time. Company Name: 5C Custom Creations, LLC Contact Name: Monica Coffman Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]