Global Wedding Awards 2022 Page 17 LUX 2022 Global Wedding Awards Meghan Blanton offers elopement and planning, wedding, engagement, and boudoir photography – and clients can expect to get more than just a photographer. She’s a hypeman; consultant; ninja; walking, talking Mary Poppins bag; but most of all, she’s a friend. Meghan’s love of photography was inherited from her father and her grandfather before him. As she grew older, she began to struggle with depression and anxiety, and short-term memory loss became an issue. Photography was a way for her to capture moments so she could look back and remember the day’s events as they truly were, rather than how they looked through her foggy brain. This is why it is so important to Meghan that when she photographs clients, she captures them as they truly are, saying, “You never Meghan Blanton is an LGBTQ+- and BIPOC-friendly elopement and intimate wedding photographer focused on crafting memorable experiences for her couples and environments where they feel safe to be their authentic selves. Meghan wants couples to feel comfortable expressing themselves without fear of judgement, saying, “They should not have to hide who they are around me.” In light of Meghan Blanton Photography’s Global Wedding Awards 2022 success, we take a closer look at the photography experience she provides. Mar22122 Meghan Blanton Photography Most Inclusive Wedding Photographer 2022 (Colorado): Meghan Blanton & LUXlife Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 know when that photo is going to need to be their proof that a moment happened – their first married kiss, their baby’s laugh, the smile on their mother’s face, their haircut when they graduated college. These moments matter, and they should be captured authentically.” Meghan works with couples who believe in love, who believe in each other, and who believe in themselves. She loves working with couples who have a sense of adventure, and who want to celebrate their marriage in an intentional and intimate way. In recent years – especially as an affect of the pandemic – many couples have chosen to elope or have smaller, more intimate weddings, versus larger traditional weddings. For many photographers in the wedding industry, this was pretty terrifying, with events being cancelled left and right. However, when Meghan’s first couple decided to switch from a large wedding to an elopement, she fell in love. She said, “I loved how intimate it was. I loved how the couple really had the freedom to celebrate their love in a way that felt more meaningful to them, instead of catering to the demands of their guests. And the same is true of small weddings – even though they have more guests than an elopement, the smaller setting allows couples to spend more time with each guest and invite the people that mean the most to them.” With extensive project management experience, Meghan’s clients can count on clear, thorough communication and expectations. She works hard to make sure there are no questions left unanswered, planning out timelines, locations, and outfits – all included as part of each package. And admitting to being “the queen of awkward” herself, Meghan knows first-hand how uncomfortable it can feel to be in front of the camera, so she does her utmost to make clients feel cool, calm and confident when shooting. Whether it’s to make the client feel empowered during a boudoir shoot, or making sure their joy shows through their wedding portraits, they are in safe hands. One client commented, “Being photographed can feel awkward, but not with Meghan behind the camera.” Now focused on what 2022 holds for her photography business, Meghan plans to create more services for clients and improve existing services. This means more printing options, more planning options, higher quality resources, and more. Additionally, she believes that people are never done learning, so she is taking several courses this year to improve her photography skills, project management skills, and event planning skills so she can better serve her clients. Company: Meghan Blanton Photography Contact: Meghan Blanton Email: [email protected] Website: