Global Wedding Awards 2022

Page 18 LUX 2022 Global Wedding Awards Let’s Make Your Last Two Hours Lit! The Mobile Cigar Lounge creates beautiful experiences and turns them into unforgettable memories with one of the most prominent luxury items in the world: a fine cigar. The Mobile Cigar Lounge Most Unique Event Cigar Experience - Northeast USA Mar22290 The Mobile Cigar Lounge is 100% led and operated by a highly experienced and motivated team of military veteran entrepreneurs, who deliver the ultimate cigar experience across New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia, and nationally for weddings, private events, and festivals. Guests sit back and relax while being taken care of by cigar rollers and certified tobacconists. The Mobile Cigar Lounge cigar bars include premium Nicaraguan tobacco, lighters, custom bands, and individual take home bags. The team wants to make each guest’s two hours lit! – Providing service with integrity, commitment, passion, innovation, teamwork, and fun, with the vision of becoming a must-have experience for events, while maintaining their unwavering principles as they continues to grow and develop their positive impact to their local communities. The Mobile Cigar Lounge’s Chief Smoking Officer, Joey Mac Dizon said, “I enjoy capturing the moment over a cigar. You might not remember the cigar you smoked, but you remember the people you smoked it with.” The founders are United States Marine Corps Veterans, Joey Mac Dizon and Alvaro Patrick, and United States Army Veteran, Miley Massed. The team is comprised of Veterans, First-Responders, and Connected Family Members. Joey Mac told us more, “We feel really comfortable with hiring those that understand our community. Their traits of leadership, responsibility, communication, and much more were taught either in the military or academy. This gives us an edge of delivering the best quality experience possible. Also, we want them to be personable and passionate about what they do. They really enjoy that they are paid to drink and smoke for a living. What a life! We can’t accomplish what we do without our team. We have 50 part-timers and four fulltimers. Last year, we were able to do donate over $32,000+ to non-profits because of this. We have a one team, one fight mentality.” The culture among the team closely resembles their way of life and life of service. They understand what it means to cherish the moment. Joey Mac shared, “As we learned in the military, mission first, people always. We have quarterly socials, daily chats, and holiday parties where we celebrate our goals and dreams together. When we act as a team, we get more done. A sense of community and teamwork run rampant within our company. We make it known to let our team know that they are important. Super excited to work with people that understand us and that we understand them.” And the team didn’t slow down during the COVID-19 pandemic either, still providing their experiences but simply shrinking the event sizes to under 25. They were used to big weddings prior to the pandemic, but were still keen to cater to small parties and weddings when restrictions were in place. This kept the company relevant and as a result, the brand grew. In 2020, they did close to 200 events with 60 weddings, and in 2021, they completed over 435 weddings among over 700 events. By pivoting and staying relevant in the industry, the team, passion, and impact grew. This year, The Mobile Cigar Lounge plans to do over 1,000 events, further expand its team to more than 100, and impact its local communities by donating and completing service projects. Its strategy for 2022 is education, expansion, and quality care. They are currently sending their team members to certification classes where they can learn about tobacco and its process, understand the history of whisky, and taste other cigars and spirits. In terms of expansion, they are creating strategic relationships and building longlasting relationships with other professionals. Ultimately, the company wants to make sure that its clients are treated as though they are its only one – the gold standard. Company: The Mobile Cigar Lounge Contact: Joey Mac Dizon Email: [email protected] Website: Instagram - @TheMobileCigarLounge