Global Wedding Awards 2022

Page 12 LUX 2022 Global Wedding Awards ‘Capturing memories as they are made,’ Casey Micallef Photography is the business of eponymous sole trader Casey Micallef. Photography, at first, was not her calling; until her third child, Blake, was born, she had never really picked up a camera, especially not with the intent of pursuing any sort of professional photographical career. However, the birth of Blake changed her perspective. She realised in a kind of epiphany moment that she didn’t have the kind of record of the lives of her two other sons that she would have liked to have had, and so she sought to change this, picking up the camera and resolving to provide the service that she herself wishes she’d had years prior. In short, capturing life’s most precious moments so that they can be remembered in all their glory. From first words to first birthdays, family photoshoots, and photos that champion the idea of human connection, Casey quickly began to develop her style. Thus, it is her distinctive eye for human emotion, her ability to catch these as they happen, and her drive to immortalise these important moments of life and passion, that has made her such a cornerstone professional in Australia’s photography world. Upskilling, training, and educating herself in all manner of different Casey Micallef Photography, winner of the ‘LUXlife Customer Service Excellence Award’ for 2022, is an expert when it comes to capturing memories at their most beautiful. Able to work with clients to capture posed, candid, and all-round outstanding photographs of their most special days from weddings to family sessions and solo photoshoots, Casey’s expert eye and distinctive style sets her apart from her peers, making her a favourite amongst her market. Mar22097 Casey Micallef Photography Best Wedding Photographer 2022 (Mid North Coast): Casey Micallef styles and techniques, Casey worked from home whilst taking care of her children to find what would eventually become her calling, experimenting with film in order to add it to the variety of services that she offers. From there, her ambitions grew even further. After completing many shoots with families that showcase the connections there, and parents-baby shoots that champion familial bonding, Casey turned towards seeing what she could do for the hardworking parents who come to her studio and find it hard to shirk nerves or insecurities behind the camera. This resulted in her ‘Indulge’ photo sessions. Focused on giving women a true chance to indulge in making themselves look and feel good, Casey works to dress and pose them in a way that makes them feel truly confident and allows them to leave the studio with undeniable photographical evidence that they are a true pillar of strength. With testimonials and glowing reviews from all of her clients, she is truly proud of what she has been able to achieve over the years, and hopes to use these new awards to push herself to further success in the future. Company: Casey Micallef Photography Contact: Casey Micallef Website: