Global Wedding Awards 2022 Page 11 LUX 2022 Global Wedding Awards One Vision Photography is a premium wedding photography and videography service. Described as ‘immaculately professional,’ the company has garnered a reputation for quality, consistently producing breath-taking snapshots infused with love. One Vision Photography Most Client-Focused Wedding Photography & Videography Service - Wales Mar22162 A wedding is a small fragment within many people’s lifetimes – a special yet fleeting day that has a major impact. Be it in a grand manor house or in a religious building, traditional or deviating from the norm, a wedding deserves to be captured, preserved through the art of photography. Henceforth, One Vision Photography, a company based in South Wales, endeavours to provide a photography and videography service that produces exquisite snapshots of those allimportant moments. Indeed, One Vision Photography is a multiaward-winning company. It understands that images speak volumes, that they encompass an abundance of memories and emotions, which is why One Vision Photography is the premium choice for a wedding photography service. Maintaining a diverse portfolio, the company has worked in numerous venues, including castles, halls, churches, and outdoor events. Yet despite the diversity and the challenges each venue may possess, One Vision Photography captures professional, high-quality, intimate images. In essence, these photos will be looked back on by its clients for years to come, inspiring feelings of awe, happiness, and most importantly, love. On the day of the wedding, One Vision Photography arrives promptly, aiming to be at the venue 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time. There are numerous safeguards in place that ensure that in an emergency, the wedding will still receive an outstanding service at no extra cost. Post-wedding, it takes approximately four to six weeks for the client to receive their digital gallery of photos, from which they will choose 100 to be printed in a wedding album. Of course, there are numerous options available to the couple, each being suitable for a range of budgets. The Wedding Photo & Video Gold and Luxury HD option, for example, costs £2,395 and includes a magnificent range of features. Serving as the company’s most expensive package, the clients will receive a free consultation and free engagement photoshoot. Two photographers and one videographer will attend the wedding, creating high-definition products. Moreover, this is the only package that includes the use of a drone; however, this can be added to the other options at an additional cost of £195 for two hours. None of this would be possible without One Vision Photography’s skilled team. The talented troop are devoted to providing an unbeatable service. Michael, the company’s founder and photographer, takes a candid approach, letting the day unfold, ‘untouched and unrehearsed.’ He neither forces poses nor pushes couples into repeating poses, instead, allowing for natural beauty and romance to infuse each photograph. It is imperative for One Vision Photography to capture the day in a manner that tells the story without the use of words and serves as a reminder of what should be one of the happiest days of its clients’ lives. It is clear that this approach works – the company has left numerous happy clients in its wake, who have since gone on to leave glowing reviews. Leighton Phillips testifies, ‘Five stars aren’t enough to do Michael justice. He was immaculately professional, really friendly and great with everyone (including the kids) and he captured the most amazing photos that we will always have to treasure and look back on. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you Michael!’ Additionally, Jason Rees comments, ‘Thank you One Vision for allowing us to replay the day over and over again with smiles on our faces each time.’ Therefore, it serves as no surprise that One Vision Photography has been awarded the title of Most Client-Focused Wedding Photography & Videography Service – Wales. It captures incredible photo and video content that are sure to provide memories and happiness for its clients. Contact: Michael Lundbeck Company: One Vision Photography Web Address: