German Business Awards 2021

32 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 , Sep21816 Most Popular Thai Massage 2021 - Northern Germany Seeing itself as the ambassadors of Thailand in the country of Germany, having been one of only seven Thai studios to receive accreditation fromThai governance, SUWANYO Traditionelle Thai Massage &Day Spa is grateful to each and every customer who has visited it. With a glorious day spa venue in a historical building, a fit-to-purpose interior that has been specifically developed to fit the vision of the owner, and a ten-person teamof Thai womenmaking up its massage team, ranked first on independent review sites, each of its staff is a diligent professional who has made themselves expert in their craft. SU WANYO Traditionelle Thai Massage & Day Spa is located in the historical seat of Lübeck in the North of Germany, 45 minutes from Hamburg. This region is renowned for being a world-class ambient area with preserved medieval Hanseatic charm, perfect for holidaymakers both nationally and internationally, and one in which the relaxing and exemplary SU WANYO spa has made its home. Between the Holstentor and historical salt stores, with a marvellous view of the river, its location is in a perfect place to welcome visitors to the city into a haven of relaxation and clam that allows them respite from the trials and tumult of their everyday life. With first class massages, exemplary customer service, and a beautifully designed spa facility, SU WANYO has made a name for itself by being the best combination of professionalism and friendliness. Fundamentally, it sets an enviably high standard for its industry, never settling for second best and always working hard to ensure that its clients feel the warmth and welcome of the setting from the moment they walk through the doors, and that they can always leave satisfied and ready to face the rest of the day. The eponymous Su herself has had a hand in every element of the design and construction in this way. Her husband, a first-class design consultant, also aided her in the design and construction of the spa in order to make it exactly what she envisioned SU WANYO to be. Now, it is a building with a unique atmosphere and a beautifully renovated interior, all within three storeys of renaissance gabled housing that has stood since around the 1600s, fitted with all amenities to be able to comfortably host an incredible modern spa. Therefore, the venue itself reflects the standard of treatments offered within; each of the treatments that Su and her staff provide have been developed to be exemplary from start to finish, with Thai techniques that rival any of SU WANYO’s competitors with ease. This ability to stand out amongst its peers has brought SU WANYO significant notoriety from the wider world, with accreditations from significant governing bodies to back up its outstanding nature and prove its excellence to its clients before they even step through its doors. This includes the National Skill Standard award earned by thorough examination from the Thai government – an award that only seven Thai massage parlours in Germany have been granted – and one that also secured it a visit from Her Royal Highness, the Princess of the Thai Kingdom, Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Since then, this company has been accumulating exemplary reviews across Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Facebook, with customers leaving glowing reviews that it forecasts will only continue to be added to as it moves forward towards its bright future. Company: SU WANYO Traditionelle Thai Massage & Day Spa Contact: Suphaporn Mensing Website: