German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 31 , their studies, all by offering its authentic style of teaching that can still be done at a good distance in accordance with Covid-19 safety laws. With the founder’s background of designing for ballet and performance in mind, one can instantly get an idea of the passion that has gone into every element of SVAGATAM.YOGA. Going forward, it will be offering much more teaching training and workshops, furthering the development of teacher-student language in the studio and implementing more mantra music, kirtan, and concerts into its proceedings. It will also be going ahead with its plans for a studio retreat to Italy for its clients and staff, excited to give back to its market segment in this way. Company: SVAGATAM.YOGA Contact: Saskia Rettig Website: Oct21026 Best New Yoga Studio 2021 - Köln Serving a youthful, diverse, and dynamic market segment, nestled in an area of dynamic cultures and people, SVAGATAM.YOGA is a studiomaking a name for itself with its professionally created and brilliantly crafted yoga services. Furthermore, operating out of a well-designed studio that has been created with the mindfulness and wellbeing of its clients inmind, this studio and its staff is more excited than ever to be welcoming its students back through its doors with the dust of the pandemic beginning to settle, promising the same outstanding customer service with a few choice updates. SVAGATAM.YOGA, a yoga school and studio in Cologne, is nestled in the heart of the city’s Nippes quarter. This region, fundamentally, is a melting pot of cultures, artistry, and ideas, with a vibrant population that has developed a lot in the past several years to become one of the jewels of the area. Therefore, it has grown a scene of people looking for alternative lifestyles, many of whom are young people seeking new ways to engage with exercise and mindfulness; inclined towards ecological progress, art, culture, social work, medicine, and more, the region is a diverse mixer of ideas and perspective. SVAGATAM.YOGA is a company providing exemplary yoga classes for this demographic. Essentially, it grants the possibility for clients to learn and practice yoga year-round, open seven days of the week most weeks of the year. This ensures that no matter the skill level of the person walking through its doors, it will always be able to find a class or practice area that suits them, ensuring that the practiced can get on with their routines in a designated area that has been specifically developed for yoga, and that those new to the exercise to develop their skills in comfort and safety. A large part of its clientele is the student body, and it is proud to serve this market segment, encouraging the development of healthy mindfulness and wellness techniques that will boost their overall wellbeing. Within its beautifully designed venue, it offers meditation and breathing technique lessons as well as other yoga lessons. This grants its students access to a ‘powerful vinyasa-yoga flow’ in a space of relaxation, light, comfort, and elegance, all emboldened by the team of highly motivated professionals who work within it to make sure that each client is comfortable and happy. Additionally, despite the disruption of the pandemic meaning it had to close its doors over the last lockdowns, it is now back and better than ever. Since June 2020, it has been taking the time to renovate and readjust, adding in huge windows that allow the studio to bathe in natural light, benefitting from the sun during the day, and the moonlight at night. Moreover, operating within Germany has ensured that this yoga studio can make itself a cornerstone amongst a growing community. With the German marketplace being one that is only growing in strength, it hopes to foster the wellbeing and mindfulness of those moving into it as they progress through