German Business Awards 2021

28 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 , Nov21135 A company selling gorgeous and incredibly well engineered loudspeakers crafted from slate, marble, granite, and labradorites, Vroemen-Lautsprecherbau has made a lasting impression on its market with its installations and customofferings. Able to workwith all manner of different stone types, and thus fit its speakers to the aesthetic of all manner of different homes or spaces, its basic, superior, and ceramic speakers all promise to reintroduce the client to sound how it is supposed to be heard. Emboldened by German engineering and the glowing reviews of its clients, it has truly earned the above award, and looks forward to using it as a springboard to further success. Vroemen-Lautsprecherbau is a company selling exemplary speakers worldwide, contributing to stunning interior designs and resulting in a beautiful sensory experience that makes sound a cornerstone of the space in question. Handmade in Germany, Bernd Vroemen’s speakers each come with a recognisable German pedigree and prestige attached to its label, made even clearer by the dedication and tenacity that has gone into the engineering of these systems, and the look and feel of them. Fundamentally, this company was founded in 1995, and has maintained its dedication and commitment to creating the best of the best since its inception. Crafting incredible speaker enclosures from slate, marble, granite, and labradorites – all by hand – its loudspeakers produce a crystal-clear sound with pin-drop quality, allowing listeners to truly gain a full of experience of whatever is being played through it, enabling them to appreciate the details of each kind of music. Effectively, above all, Bernd Vroemen believes in the power of simplicity. With regards to the technical and sonic effects that make one of these speakers the powerhouses they are, this company is happy to chat to a client regarding the thought process and craftsmanship that it has funnelled into every last-minute detail, encouraging clients to call up and talk to one of its team members about it. In this manner, it takes great pride in its customer service, and the diligence with which its staff look after its clientele. Each one of them knows the products like the backs of their hands, and thoroughly believes in the excellence of what they’re selling, able to collaborate with a client to work through what kind of design of speaker they would be interested in and guide them through what the process of realising it would look like. Bernd Vroemen compares his speakers with racing cars; its outstanding nature comes from the acceleration and braking behaviour found within. Furthermore, the stability of the enclosures ensures the longevity, safety, and effectiveness of the parts found within, managing all the forces and changes in force that go on within the speaker itself, all whilst fitting aesthetically seamlessly in with the environment the client wishes the speaker to incorporate into. This management of force and changes in force within the speaker enclosures is what has set Vroemen- Lautsprecherbau apart from its peers. Whilst it knows that many other top manufacturers make great speakers, it prizes the engineering that goes into its creations, with the stone of its enclosures having a density of 3000 kg / m³, granting it an enormous advantage over wood enclosures that cannot avoid a certain level of resonance and unwanted reverberation of the loudspeaker units. Due to this stability and the in-depth thought that goes into every speaker made by Bernd Vroemen’s team, the music is unobtrusive, natural, and clear, with test reports consistently showing record-breaking and well-measured resonance values as well as step response values. Going forward, Vroemen-Lautsprecherbau will continue to deliver incredible speaker creations for its market segment and looks forward to showcasing these future developments at upcoming lifestyle and art markets in Germany as well as globally on Instagram @ vroemen_highend and ebay. Company: Vroemen-Lautsprecherbau Contact: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Bernd Vroemen Website: Email: [email protected] Best Highend speakers manufacturer 2021